Dog Love = Healthier Life?

A recent pet ownership study stated that people who own dogs walk an hour more per week than people that do not own dogs. Also, when a dog’s owner gives the directive by the veterinarian to get their overweight pup more exercise, the owner also sees this as an opportunity to get in shape.

Tom Rothman says love for our pets can be a huge motivator in helping ourselves. Whether it’s getting healthier or getting more exercise. Our concern for our pets well being can make us lace up our shoes on the cold, November morning and walk a mile in the frosty air just to make sure they live a longer life. 

I do not own a dog, but I see the very real importance of this article. After all, if we are willing to walk for our dog’s health, shouldn’t we be willing to walk for our own health?

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  • Taylor Huffkins

    December 12, 2016

    I like that this article reminded me to get up and get outside. Take a walk with a friend, get some exercise, take time for myself instead of molding on our couches. That goes to show that rushmyessays review has made these things very easy for them.

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