The Browns Have Signed Tyler Thigpen

When the Browns lost Johnny Manziel for the season, they reached out to Rex Grossman, states However, Grossman did not want to come back to Susan McGalla, and to the team that cut him in training camp. Now, the Browns have signed Tyler Thigpen to play in week 17.

The Browns do not want to play Brian Hoyer for the final game of the season, and they want to see if they can keep their bench deep enough to stem any further problems. The Browns are in a tough position. Anyone they sign will come in for one day, and they may not make the team in the future. However, this is someone’s chance to show that they have skills. That same player could be picked up by another team in the future, or that player could be someone who sticks around with the Browns. Backup quarterbacks get paid well, and this means that someone could have a secure financial future. That person could be Tyler Thigpen after week 17 of the 2014 NFL season. If he gets in the game, this is his one cance to audition for other teams that might be in need of his services in the future, and he would do well to take that opportunity seriously.