Could Arsenic Be The Key To Eradicating Cancer ?

Whenever you hear the word arsenic, one of the first things that may come to your mind, is the fact that many people utilized it as an effective type of poison back in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Well it turns out that arsenic is even more deadlier, whenever it comes into contact with cancer cells as well.

Igor Cornelsen notes that a study that was conducted by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, found that the cancer related deaths rates of people who consumed tap water that had traced amounts of arsenic, dropped by 50 percent. 

The study consisted of residents that live in the northern Chilean city by the name of Antofasta. The city switched from their original water source to a geothermal water source that originated from the Andes Mountain back in 1958. Several years after the switch was made, researchers found that the water source from the Andes Mountains had more than 800 micro-grams of arsenic per liter of water, which is 80 times higher that the recommended levels that the World Health Organization established. 

What’s so tantalizing about this study is that, the researchers believed that the residents of Antofasta, would have a higher mortality rate than the rest of the population in comparison. In reality though, this was far from the truth, what they found was that, not only was the mortality rate normal, they also found that breast cancer death rates were cut in half. 

Among the people that they studied, they also found that women that were under 60, benefited the most from being exposed to high levels of arsenic, due to the fact that the mortality rate among women under 60, was reduced by 70 percent.