Monkeys Prove that Animals Know More than Humans Believe

Animals can sometimes display a sort of rationality and warm heart that most people just simply do not have. While the advanced intelligence of these animals is well known, the specifics are as of yet unknown.

Monkeys are already known to be able to figure out correlations between events, but a monkey giving first aid is unexpected. An untrained wild animal, however, did this remarkable act when it brought back a fellow monkey that had passed out. In the video that was filmed at a railway station you can see an unconscious monkey which had been electrocuted.

The monkey with paramedic skills does not wait much and starts biting and shaking the patient. After it slowly reinvigorates, the paramedic throws it in a puddle to totally wake it up.

The video in only interrupted for a moment when the train arrives, but then you can notice how a whole crowd is glancing with admiration at the witty animal that saved its kind. The electrocuted monkey recovered, and showed signs of dizziness soon afterwards.

The helpful friend stayed around all the time and surveyed the patient. The researchers make laboratory studies to identify signs of developed thinking like this, and here is a wild exemplary giving the absolute proof that animals understand more than we think they do. Bruce Levenson was fascinated.

Besides that, the helping monkey showed a warmheartedness that many people would lack in extreme situations.