Beneful Helped My Pet To Eat More

I’m the owner of a Pit Bull dog, and I was very uneducated when I first bought my dog. I thought that by treating my dog, exactly how my parents treated our dog when I was a child, that I would have a healthy dog. Unfortunately, I used to feed table scraps to my dog, and if I could afford it, I’d make him a big steak once in a while. I was truly misinformed as to what types of foods dogs needed to eat, and I didn’t think twice about feeding the dog the same things that I had for dinner.

I lived alone, so I would only make enough food for myself, and maybe a little extra for the dog. I notice my dog was sluggish, and when I took him for walks, he wasn’t as playful as he was when I first got him. I took him to the veterinarian, and they told me that the dog was unhealthy. I was told to feed the dog better food, and to stop giving the dog the foods that I was eating. I was informed that the steak I would give the dog, is okay for him, from time to time.

I asked for a type of food suggestion for my dog, and I was told to try Beneful. The veterinarian let me know that it’s the same food that he feeds to his dog, and it’s healthy, flavorful, and many pet owners choose it. I decided to do my research on the food, and become a better dog owner. From the research I gathered, Beneful has both wet and dry dog foods. Beneful even has soy versions of dog food, just in case I ever choose to stop feeding my dog meat, which I guarantee will not happen!

I started feeding Beneful to my dog, and I noticed he always wanted more. I increased his portion sizes, and my dog finally started getting bigger. He has always been a certain size, and it’s because he wasn’t getting the right nutrients from the foods I fed him. Beneful has really helped my dog to be healthier, eat more food, and enjoy the food that he’s eating. I wouldn’t choose any other food for my dog, after seeing how much my dog enjoys Beneful. I’m very glad I switched to feeding my dog Beneful wet and dry dog food on a regular basis. It has made some very positive changes.