Dr. Rod Rohrich – Best Dallas Plastic Surgeon

If you are in need of plastic surgery in the Southeast you need to look into Dr. Rod Rohrich. There is no one acquainted with plastic surgery who hasn’t heard of Dr. Rod Rohrich. This Dallas based plastic surgeon is also an academic and has authored various publications regarding plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery and other major areas in the field. On Dec 2014, he became D Magazine’s best Dallas plastic surgeon and no one can disagree that it is a well-deserved honor for the man. The advancements and innovations that Dr. Rod Rohrich has made in the field of plastic surgery are astounding.

He was raised in North Dakota and is currently the Chairman and Professor of UTWS’s Dept. of Plastic Surgery. His accolades include various honors, including Crystal Charity Ball and Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in his field of plastic surgery. ASPS’ official medical journal also has him on the position of the editor in chief. These achievements have been the reason that no one was surprised when he got the best Dallas plastic surgeon award from D Magazine.

The award was given on the basis of online polls that were confidential. Industry professionals and doctors were invited to vote for their favorite doctors and more than 40 specialties were included in the categories. The purpose of the award was to identify and honor physicians who are not only well respected, trusted and admired in their field but people who have made stellar contribution over the years of their career. Time and time again, Dr. Rod Rohrich has proven that his work is something to be noticed. Not just that, what sets him apart from other surgeons in the field is his commitment towards his patients. He is known for doing what is best for the patients. Prejudices and personal issues never come in the way of his work.

Getting the award, he was happy and could help mentioning his outstanding team without which he wouldn’t be standing where he is. He added how compassionate, loyal and communicative his team was and said that they were the main reason why his facility was unarguably the best in Dallas for plastic surgery.

Dr. Rod Rohrich also took this time to educate people about the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. He said that the former was easily the best of both worlds because it also included reconstructive surgery. His research and his excellent skill in the field have made the voters of the poll very happy about the results.