What had happened was….

Deflate-gate is the name that has been given by the Web to the latest cheating ploy of the New England Patriots. 11 of the 12 balls that each team are allotted during a game were deflated for the New England Patriots. Although this point has not been lauded by many that follow the game, it is a big sign that cheating was actually involved. The twelfth ball is used for kicking because a deflated ball would not kick well. Additionally, on kicks in a football game is the only time a team would touch the ball on an opposing team.

The kicker is that interceptions is the other time that a team would encounter the opposing team’s ball. It just so happens that the balls were discovered on an interception of Tom Brady. In two separate interviews, Coach Belichick also known as Beli-Cheat has been fined in the past for being caught cheating, and Tom Brady have denied altering the balls themselves. Fans arounf the country like Marc Sparks are outraged. However, no one should expect the NFL to be above board on anything that may hurt their image and the images of golden boys like Tom Brady.