Kyle Korver Hype


There is no doubt that Kyle Korver of the Atlanta Hawks is one of the best shooters in the game and he is being hailed this week as being one of the best shooters of all time, as he has gone ninety percent from the free throw line this season while also shooting fifty percent from the field as well as fifty percent from the three point line. These numbers are absolutely ridiculous when you compare this to typical statistics in the National Basketball Association, but to call him the best shooter in the game right now is far more ridiculous. Kyle Korver may be shooting at an insane percentage, but he really isn’t taking that many shots. You can take Stephen Curry, who is without a doubt the best shooter in the game, probably the most valuable player this season and may go down as the best shooter of all time and say that he shoots a little bit less of a percentage than Korver. The difference is that Kyle Korver is a mere factor on his team and is not the player that is taking all of the shots and the person that teams are preparing for. He is dominant in his role and he is an astounding shooter, but to call him the best shooter in the game is laughable. Stephen Curry is the best shooter around and his teammate Klay Thompson is probably second. This healthy competition between players has fans like Paul Matheison excited for the Warriors Hawks match up next week