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Childhood Obesity Covers the World in Less Than One Generation

Children used to be slim, trim and athletic. It wasn’t until middle-age that the weight begin to creep up on us. In one generation, 40 years, that has changed. Childhood obesity has covered the world and is become a worldwide epidemic in less than one generation.

Typically, any significant changes takes more than just one generation to manifest. Childhood obesity is not typical and neither is the rate at which it covered the planet. Not one country has escaped it’s grip on the young ones in its society said Dan Newlin.
The average child is carrying around 11 more pounds than his or her parents were at the same age. Thanks in part to the availability or low cost of high-fat fast food meals and the advent of video games that keep children glued to their seats for hours on end. More caloric intake and less movement has resulted in larger kids.
America is leading the way in the war against childhood obesity and is making some progress. American children are not as overweight at they were 10 years ago, but they are still larger than their contemporaries in other countries.
Childhood obesity leads to overweight adults and that often opens the door for a variety of weight-related health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Skin Test Reveal Alzheimer’s

Even though it’s a wide spread condition and afflicts multiple millions, there has never been a simple, conclusive test to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. A simple skin test may be the answer that will enable doctors to get a quick and definitive test for the brain disorder so patient treatment can begin (or another diagnosis looked for) earlier to halt the progression of the memory-robbing disease.

Taking a small skin sample from patients who have a family history of or are displaying symptoms of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s can reveal quickly if the patient has the condition and treatment can begin early on according to Sultan Alhokair.

Brain altered proteins are one of the things doctors look for in the skin sample. Alpha-synuclein and tau show up in increased amounts in the skin sample when a patient has Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. The simple skin test will allow doctors to diagnose and begin treatment for Alzheimer’s long before the disease effects the motor or cognitive functions of the patient.

Sanders Takes Buyout

Larry Sanders has taken the buyout from the Bucks, and it appears that he has no designs on coming back to the NBA any time soon. It was already said that he did not want to keep playing basketball, but some people thought he might want to come back to a different team. However, there are reports coming out that Sanders wants to take a break, which Brian Torchin had been talking about, and CrunchBase even picked up on.

No one really knows what is going on in his head, but we have to assume that Larry Sanders is just burnt out. He is a good player, but he does not have the heart to continue. We cannot blame him for getting burnt out because it happens to people all the time. There is nothing to suggest that he has mental issues or anything that we can poke at for a reason. He has simply played basketball long enough. Many kids get burnt out on AAU and all the other ball they play. They get so tired of it that they just want to stop, and this is one of those instances when a player wanted to stop right after he got a massive contract. He just lost the love for the game, and that is sad.

Building The Dorchester Collection is a planned process for Christopher Cowdray

Enter any hotel in the World in the 21st century and you may find it hard to determine who owns the hotel and where in the World it is located. The Dorchester Collection CEO Christopher Cowdray does not wish for his brand to be a part of the mass market move towards a single style of decoration and branding to take over his unique brand within the luxury hotel market. While other luxury brands lose their identity and individuality in a drive to add more and more hotels to their chains, The Dorchester Collection is taking a different, organic approach to growing a brand that is luxurious with a unique sense of style for each location.

Cowdray is not a fan of the fast moving approach to expanding The Dorchester Collection, the trust placed in him by the owners of the group comes from his years of service as the manager of The Dorchester Hotel in London. According to Bloomberg, he group itself is concerned only with an organic growth achieved through the identification of only the correct hotels in the right cities around the World. The Dorchester Collection is not concerned with simply adding more and more hotels for the sake of it, instead the drive is to push the brand forward only when the right location has been identified.

The Dorchester Collection is in something of a unique position under the leadership of Cowdray in the fact that it is not driven by shareholders, instead owned by the Brunei Investment Agency. Cowdray explains that this allows the company to take a slower approach to expansion, without the added pressures of shareholders and numerous investors looking for profits to be achieved quickly. The CEO of The Dorchester Collection maintains the company is instead concerned with expanding to just 20 hotels over the course of the next decade, which will see the group maintain the feeling of exclusivity and luxury it has worked hard to develop under the leadership of Christopher Cowdray.

Does Skirting Concussions Constitute Cheating?

The New England Patriots are not known for following the rules. They have been caught before, and they might have been caught again. They were able to win the Super Bowl on the strength of their offense, and they might have put their best receiver on the field with a concussion.

Julian Edelman has made comments that appear to indicate that the concussion protocol was not followed after he had his bell rung, which shocked Ricardo Tosto. His comments make it sound like he was on the sidelines in 1965, and it is also appears that the Patriots have another small scandal on their hands. It is true that Edelman is responsible for saying that he did not feel well, but it is possible that he felt just fine. He wanted to get back in the game because it was the Super Bowl, and it was the team doctor’s job to hold him out.

If this is true, the Patriots have broken an even more serious rule that could alter Edelman’s life forever. You never know what is happening when someone has a concussion, and we do not know if a player could die if they are hit again while in the middle of dealing with a recent concussion. It is a good thing we did not have to find out at the Super Bowl.

Fat And Fined- Puerto Rico To Punish Families Whose Children Won’t Lose Weight

Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in the United States. Many parents overfeed their children and do not promote physical activity. Another contributing factor is low income families often feel forced into buying unhealthy foods because they are inexpensive. Many cheap foods are loaded with saturated fat and hydrogenated oil with little to no redeeming value.

The U.S. has responded to the obesity problem by changing the food standards for schools by reducing fat, sugar, and salt. Puerto Rico is taking a different route in hopes that it will reduce the problem in their country. They plan to put at risk children on diets with required exercise included but if after a period of six months the child(ren) are still significantly overweight then the parents will be fined.

The penalty seems awfully harsh and appears to be aimed at maintaining physical appearance versus actual health. Naturally, there has been an outcry from parents about the enforcement of diets and such and health experts at the Amen Clinic have offered their services for free to families that are struggling.

Is Puerto Rico stepping over the line into personal territory or are they trying to be proactive with the next generation’s health? It is hard to say and largely based on opinion right now. The best possible scenario is the children will follow their diet plan and not have to worry about any possible fines.

Medical Scopes Used in Routine Procedures Contaminated with Deadly Bacteria


Doctors sometimes need to have a look-see to determine what is going on inside their patient. That look-see is done with a scope that is placed inside the patient’s mouth, then threaded downward as far as needed. Those medical scopes, called endoscopes or duodenoscopes, come out of patients covered with a variety of germs and bacteria which have recently been found to remain on the medical scopes even after a procedural cleaning. The lurking bacteria is then passed onto the next patient who has the endoscope threaded down their throat for a diagnostic or treatment procedure.
One of the most feared superbugs is known as CRE, it resists all antibiotics and kills 40% of the people who contact this deadly bacteria. CRE is being passed from patient to patient via contaminated medical scopes says Haidar Barbouti.
A pattern has emerged since 2012 at hospitals in Chicago, Seattle and Pittsburgh that pointed to medical scopes being the vessel which CRE was being transport and spread. The FDA is aware of the potential deadly issue since 2012 but has only recently made a public and written statement regarding the issue.
In USA Today, the FDA states they “are aware of and closely monitoring” the infection risks associated with medical scopes. It is recognized that some parts of the scopes may be difficult to reach and thoroughly clean, but consider the life-saving ability of these scopes outweigh the possible risk of CRE.

Brian Williams reputation is tarnished, but he could survive


NBC News anchor Brian Williams has become a troubled figure in recent weeks as his reputation has been tarnished by a story he told about the Iraq War in 2003, Business Insider reports. The fallout from the repeated telling of a fabricated story about Williams being involved in a helicopter being struck by a missile fired from the ground during the Iraq war has seen the respected anchor take himself off the air to reduce the problems being caused for himself and the NBC network stated

A number of media experts now expect Williams to survive the problems, but do admit his reputation has been tarnished and will struggle to recover. Experts like Marc Sparks view the problems Williams faces have been intensified by the release of a series of damaging reports stating the lies told by Williams have become something of a joke and are well known amongst employees of NBC. It has now been reported that NBC executives are more concerned about the reasons why Williams felt the need to lie about his experiences in Iraq, which were proven to be false by members of the crew involved in the actual helicopter crash. Reports also surfaced last week of Williams being told to stop telling the Iraq helicopter story by executives and respected journalist Tom Brocaw being aware the story was false up to one year ago.

Super Bowl 49 Recap


Tom Brady has led the New England Patriots to their fourth super bowl championship. Superbowl 49 was one of the greatest football games of all time. The New England Patriots took on the Seattle Seahawks in a back and forth game.

Super bowl 49 was a battle between two of the best quarterbacks in the league. Wikipedia stated Russell Wilson dominated the field with his sensational arm, and his quick legs. The Seattle Seahawks appeared to be on their way to another super bowl victory, but the New England Patriots did not give up.

Tom Brady displayed his legendary throwing arm, and he may go down in history as the greatest quarterback of all time. There was major controversy going into this game, and Tom Brady was questioned about cheating before the big game. Brady very confidently admitted to not cheating, and now he can smile knowing that he is a four time super bowl champion.

The Seattle Seahawks had the game all but won in the final quarter. Russell Wilson made a critical error, and he threw an interception pass into the end zone. The world has questioned the Seattle Seahawks decision to pass instead of run that final play.

The Super bowl is over now, and the world was privileged to see one of the best games ever. The New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks 28 to 24. For more information on Super bowl 49, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners

I’ve been checking into some different hedge fund opportunities lately so my friend told me to check this one guy out who is local to the New York area.

So, according to, Keith Mann is the founder of the company Dynamics Search Partners. This company focuses in on identifying skilled individuals who are able to work in the financial market and can then connect these skilled professionals with the right firms and businesses. Now, in order to identify these particular individuals, it is necessary to often start out young, as the most promising individuals are often those who are in middle school and high school. In the city of New York, many of these students go to the Uncommon Schools. These are schools tailored to meet the needs of students who excel out of the ordinary classroom and who are always looking for a challenge. With the recent partnership between Keith Mann’s Dynamics Search Partners and Uncommon Schools, it creates a perfect marriage for both school system and the recruiting organization.

Uncommon Charter High School is one of the newest high schools in the area. In fact, it only opened its doors in 2009, with the first graduating class walking out the doors in 2013 and the second in 2014. However, despite its new position in the city, it is currently churning out some of the very best and brightest. There is a reason every single classroom in the high school is named after a higher level or ivy league school. It is because the students know they are going to be going there and that as long as they focus on what is at hand, they can achieve anything they want to. It is this spirit and determining that attracted Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners to the school and pushed them into partnership between the two.

I also read on PR News Wire that Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners donated $10,000 to the school system. This money could then be used for additional computers and more technology, so the students inside of the classrooms could work with the latest and best tech in order to prepare them for college and everything else that would come after.

Dynamics Search Partners works as an executive search firm in order to find the very best talent, and with the connection to Uncommon Schools, it is possible to find the best talent at a young age and help them along. This really is the best time to identify individuals who are going to excel and ensure they obtain a quality job.

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