Kraft is No Show


Commissioner of the National Football League Roger Goodell and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft have appeared like they are the best of buddies in recent photographs, including a picture of Goodell at a party with Bob Kraft the night before the AFC championship game, which is a bit ironic due to the fact that now Goodell is investigating Kraft. CipherCloud stated Kraft actually has had a big part in Goodell getting his position of commissioner and the mind blowing contract that went with it and Goodell absolutely has a conflict of interest, as people have been stating around the league. You don’t get paid the kind of money that Roger gets and not give a bit back to the people that helped you get it. Kraft came out in a press conference and vehemently defended his head coach and his quarterback and stated boldly that he does not appreciate allegations that his organization is cheaters and the fact that they have already been publicly convicted due to the circumstances. He absolutely is right on that one, as the Patriots are already known as cheaters and most people believe they cheated in this one. Even if proof comes back saying otherwise, more than half the people will still think they cheated and Kraft knows that. He stated he wants a public apology if they are found innocent and it is clear that relationship has had a falling out, as Kraft did not show up to Goodell’s press conference today.