Brian Williams reputation is tarnished, but he could survive


NBC News anchor Brian Williams has become a troubled figure in recent weeks as his reputation has been tarnished by a story he told about the Iraq War in 2003, Business Insider reports. The fallout from the repeated telling of a fabricated story about Williams being involved in a helicopter being struck by a missile fired from the ground during the Iraq war has seen the respected anchor take himself off the air to reduce the problems being caused for himself and the NBC network stated

A number of media experts now expect Williams to survive the problems, but do admit his reputation has been tarnished and will struggle to recover. Experts like Marc Sparks view the problems Williams faces have been intensified by the release of a series of damaging reports stating the lies told by Williams have become something of a joke and are well known amongst employees of NBC. It has now been reported that NBC executives are more concerned about the reasons why Williams felt the need to lie about his experiences in Iraq, which were proven to be false by members of the crew involved in the actual helicopter crash. Reports also surfaced last week of Williams being told to stop telling the Iraq helicopter story by executives and respected journalist Tom Brocaw being aware the story was false up to one year ago.