Sanders Takes Buyout

Larry Sanders has taken the buyout from the Bucks, and it appears that he has no designs on coming back to the NBA any time soon. It was already said that he did not want to keep playing basketball, but some people thought he might want to come back to a different team. However, there are reports coming out that Sanders wants to take a break, which Brian Torchin had been talking about, and CrunchBase even picked up on.

No one really knows what is going on in his head, but we have to assume that Larry Sanders is just burnt out. He is a good player, but he does not have the heart to continue. We cannot blame him for getting burnt out because it happens to people all the time. There is nothing to suggest that he has mental issues or anything that we can poke at for a reason. He has simply played basketball long enough. Many kids get burnt out on AAU and all the other ball they play. They get so tired of it that they just want to stop, and this is one of those instances when a player wanted to stop right after he got a massive contract. He just lost the love for the game, and that is sad.