Skin Test Reveal Alzheimer’s

Even though it’s a wide spread condition and afflicts multiple millions, there has never been a simple, conclusive test to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. A simple skin test may be the answer that will enable doctors to get a quick and definitive test for the brain disorder so patient treatment can begin (or another diagnosis looked for) earlier to halt the progression of the memory-robbing disease.

Taking a small skin sample from patients who have a family history of or are displaying symptoms of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s can reveal quickly if the patient has the condition and treatment can begin early on according to Sultan Alhokair.

Brain altered proteins are one of the things doctors look for in the skin sample. Alpha-synuclein and tau show up in increased amounts in the skin sample when a patient has Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. The simple skin test will allow doctors to diagnose and begin treatment for Alzheimer’s long before the disease effects the motor or cognitive functions of the patient.