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North American Spine Helps With Local Yoga Recess Day

On Tuesday, Match 24, North American Spine and the Yoga Health Foundation united to provide 50 four and five-year-olds with Yoga Recess Day. NAS deals with patients every day who are suffering from back pain ranging from mild to severe, so they wanted to be apart of this event. The day consisted of specialized yoga designed to encourage kindergartners in the development of both mind and body. These children live with physical and mental challenges.

The day was designed to be fun for kids and to reinforce the idea of yoga. The kids have fun learning the different poses in a playful manner. Dr. Burgher enforces the concept that most back pain is preventable with proper stretching throughout the day, and he recommends flexible strengthening exercises be added into your daily routine. Dr. Burgher is a specialist in pain management with North American Spine.

Yoga is designed to prevent back pain by strengthening the core muscles both in the back and in the abdomen. A stronger muscular structure will improve muscle groups and allow them to work together more efficiently to support the spine. Physicians prescribe yoga before considering surgery. It is a conservative, but effective treatment, and for those who adopt yoga into their lives, it could prevent any further action.

Yoga also improves flexibility in muscles thereby strengthening the skeleton. Experts at NAS recommend this philosophy be added into every adult’s life by simply walking every two hours when working in a sitting position. They also recommend changing positions to improve the blood flow to the disc and increase healing.

In cooperation with Yoga Recess Day, 50 yoga mats were donated by North American Spine to the kindergarten class at Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Dallas, Texas. North American Spine is the exclusive provider of the AccuraScope Procedure that claims an 82 percent success rate using minimally invasive techniques.

Accidental Discovery May Help Cure Lukemia

A chance observation in the lab of Stanford School of Medicine may help cure lukemia. Dr. Scott McClellan happened to observe that cancerous lukemia cells had transformed into macrophages, which are the ‘cleaning crew’ in the immune cell world. The macrophages consume cancer, pathogens and cell debris, plus beckon other immune cells to come and help them fight against the surrounding cancer cells stated

Dr. McClellan witnessed cancerous lukemia cells growing up and turning on their own kind. In essence, the cancer was being fought with cancer, and the battle was being won. Several other researchers also joined in the chance observation and conducted further studies. They discovered that the grown-up lukemia cells carry with them chemical signals that enable them to specifically identify cancer cells and launch an attack on them with the body’s own immune system and not harm non-cancerous body cells.
Now that the Stanford researchers have made an accidental discovery that may help cure lukemia and possibly other forms of cancer, their next task is to formulate a drug that will create the same response at the cellular level as the grown-up lukemia cell did.

Live Better with Daniel Amen of Amen Clinics

There are a lot of ways for anyone to feel better with themselves. There are even movements and breathing exercises that will help the brain to work better. You may wonder what you can do in order to ensure the best health possible. It’s simple really, just breathe.

Daniel Amen of Amen Clinics (best known for Healing ADD in 30 Days) has sighted the benefits of breathing better for your health. His research proves that a person can simply breathe better to help reduce stress and change the way they are thinking. This breathing is best able to help you not feel the stress you may be feeling if even for a little while. The technique is rather simple and involves breathing in for five seconds, holding the breath for two seconds and letting it out slowly. This is a large part of stress relief for many people.

Another way to reduce stress and help you live longer is to do body movements such as Yoga. According to Amen this will help you to change the way your mind uses information and may help you to think better and be stronger. Many see a huge change in who they are by the time they are well into their Yoga routine. You will have to do it for more than one day in order to feel the effects, but it can be done and does help a lot.

If you want to feel better, there is no better way than by following what Amen has laid out. Follow this link to see what else he can tell you to live a better more healthy life.

Britain approves controversial tobacco laws

The British Government has introduced some of the most stringent tobacco packaging laws in the world following a vote in the Houses of Parliament, Reuters reports. The latest measures will see tobacco products sold in the UK marketed in plain packaging with standardized lettering and images of the damage done by smoking depicted in graphic detail on the box. The move comes after a 2012 law was passed in Australia that forced tobacco manufacturers to sell their products in plain olive green packaging.

The British law has only reached the first stages of being placed into action as the upper house still has to vote on the controversial legislation. According Zeca Oliveira Britain’s tobacco industry is said to be worth around $29 billion per year, with the government receiving around $14 billion in taxes. The initial stage of the marketing legislation will take place in England, regional governments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales look set to introduce similar laws in the near future. Government officials have determined that reduced marketing opportunities for tobacco companies will limit the number of young people smoking in the future and reduce the number of people deciding to take up smoking later in

Hormone Replacement Therapy May Be Linked To Stroke

A recent report appearing in the British Medical Journal suggests that women engaged in Hormone Replacement Therapy, in the pill form, may be at risk for the occurrence of stroke and blood clots as well. The study assessed medical trials of approximately 40,000 women.

Though Hormone Replacement Therapy has garnered an extensive amount of negative criticism with it’s being linked to the onset of breast and ovarian cancer. To the contrary, there has been enough evidence to confirm that it lessens the discomfort associated with menopausal symptoms and provides certain forms of protection against heart disease. Even so, with these observations, the findings were not conclusive as the effect of Hormone Replacement Therapy, in pill form, varied based on the age of the woman, when menopausal symptoms happened and the duration
of being under the administration of a Hormone Replacement Therapy program.

According to the Examiner, Hormone Replacement Therapy is a complicated issue, will offer the benefit to women, also imposed a hazardous health to them as well. Health practitioners suggest women under Hormone Replacement Therapy maintain scheduled check-ups and reassess their need continue therapy treatment on an annual basis.

Women are advised to seek assistance in treating menopausal symptoms, but if there is a family history of cardiovascular or heart disease, Hormone Replacement Therapy may not be the most appropriate form of menopausal treatment.

DeMarco Murray Heading to Philly?!

The Dallas Cowboys defined their 2014-2015 season in two words: DeMarco Murray. The oft injured running back finally came into his own as he romped through opposing defenses to the tune of 1,845 yards and 13 touchdowns. Murray was an easy choice for the Pro Bowl and he was one of the most elite offensive weapons in the game. He was also in a contract year. The Cowboys prioritized getting Dez Bryant locked in long term over resigning DeMarco Murray and now it seems that this will come back and bite them. Murray is reportedly in talks to join the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Philadelphia Eagles have been wheeling and dealing since the free agency period began. Already we have seen Nick Foles, LeSean McCoy, and Jeremy Maclin depart from the team. In their place Chip Kelly has added Sam Bradford, a slew of draft picks, and reportedly Ryan Matthews as well. Now DeMarco Murray could be coming to town for a paycheck and the chance to operate in Chip’s energetic offense.

According to reports on Brasil247, DeMarco Murray has been frustrated by the reluctance of Dallas to reach out in order to resign him. So to spite them as well as dig for a paycheck, Murray called up the Eagles. According to sources Murray reportedly loves the idea of playing for Sam Bradford–who he calls one of his best friends. With the Matthews signing unofficial as of yet, we have to imagine that Murray’s coming might change his decision to sign.

Keeping Your Hair During Chemo

One of the hallmark signs a person is enduring chemotherapy is hair loss. According to the New York Times cooling the head during and after chemo may preserve the hair. The Penguin Cold Cap is frozen prior to the chemo session and placed on the head during chemo infusions and for two hours after the session. These cold caps can be rented for around $600 a month. This is not cheap but worth it to many. Marc Sparks suggest that the cap needs to be quickly replaced every 30 minutes so some patients are finding that enlisting the help of friends to change out the cap is essential. The cap needs to be replaced before any heat escapes. The caps are heavy and cold, so there is discomfort, but the outcome is rewarding. It is comforting for chemotherapy patients to know that their privacy in their battle is upheld because they are retaining their hair.

Another cap, DigniCap, works by using a machine filled with coolant that runs through the cap for the duration of the session and others find they prefer this method.

The results of this process have shown little to no hair loss when used properly. Unfortunately, cold caps are not usually covered by insurance but those that use the product say it is worth it to keep their own hair and not have the expense of wigs. The average cost of using a cold cap is around $2000, depending on how long a person has to use it.

Revis signs with Jets

Cornerback Darrelle Revis, formally of the New England Patriots, has announced a deal to resign with the New York Jets for a significantly large salary. The contract Revis signed with the Jets is for $70 million in salary for five years and with $40 million of that salary guaranteed.

Revis was previously on a multi-year deal with the Patriots that would have paid him $25 million in the current year. New England did not intend on taking the contract option due to the significance of the impact that the payment would have on the salary cap but were looking to resign Revis to a more cap friendly deal. Dr Jennifer Walden said under his prior year deal with New England no money was guaranteed, though Wikipedia articles state Revis had a higher cap number.

New England had previously acquired Revis last year during free agency after he was released from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay acquired Revis from the Jets in exchange for a 1st round and fourth round pick as well as other compensation.

Revis is returning home to the Jets who are the team that originally drafted him. Revis is one of the league’s premier corners who is typically matched up against the opposition’s top wide receiver and has been known to shut down the opposition thereby improving the performance of the defense as a wwhole.

Revis won his first Super Bowl ring with New England during the 2014 season but has always been honest about his focus on being paid for his talents.

The Controversy About The Grand Gadgets Of The Fitness World

People love gadgets, especially ones that make life a lot easier for them. Anyone who is struggling with trying to lose weight is probably going to be enticed by any one of a number of exercise and diet gadgets flooding the market. While the cynical might feel these devices are of little value, the truth is they can be quite helpful. Sure, the gadgets are limited in terms of what they deliver but any little bit of help is better than nothing.

The key thing to be aware of when you use a calorie consumption counter or a calorie-burning tracker is you, and only you, are what determines results. These gadgets can do little more than keep on top of the work you have done. They cannot do the work for you. So, they are extremely helpful as support tools for your overall goals. Consider all the help a good thing. Just do not believe because you are investing time or money in a diet gadget results are going to be guaranteed.

Then, there is the over sphere of opinion. Some might be too blinded by their cynicism to believe any diet gadget is going to work stated Flavio Maluf. Once a person has wasted money on an utterly failed gadget, winning him or her back is tough. That said, anyone who ignored the value of a very helpful device is doing nothing but hurting him/herself.

MLBPA Firing Back at MLB

The MLB front office has apparently been leaking information about the Josh Hamilton situation to the press. The problem is that this is not useful information. No one needs to know that Josh Hamilton fell off the wagon unless he wants to tell us. However, MLB wants to make sure that it has the upper hand, and the MLBPA has called the leaks cowardly.

The players have the most powerful union in sports, but they should considering how badly run the league is. Ever since Bart Giamatti suspended Pete Rose for life, the game has been an utter disaster in terms of management. The game may be getting more popular, but it is not the kind of game that most people would want to play given how badly it is managed. This is why we see the best players playing other sports. There are at least three teams in baseball that do not even have Major League rosters. That is because the game is not worth playing for many people.

I could say that I am embarrassed by the way that the league manages itself, but I am not surprised. I was discussing this with some of the folks at Amen Clinic and we agreed, Rob Manfred is just a clone of Bud Selig.

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