AVG Creates Privacy Glasses To Prevent Auto-Tagging

One of the features that has popped up on social media over the years is the concept of tagging photographs. In fact, some sites offer up automatic tagging features that use facial recognition to identify anyone in a photograph. While users have the ability to turn off the tag, many simply do not know about the feature or have no idea when they are accidentally being photographed. One company has found a solution that just might catch on.

According to Tech Times, AVG has developed a pair of glasses that use infrared light around the rims to conceal the identity of the wearer. While the lights are invisible to the human eye, to all those smartphones and digital cameras present at an event the glasses appear like a cartoon animated pair of glasses. The image is distorted around the eyes and nose area, which is where most facial recognition programs concentrate. BNY Mellon has said the user appears to be wearing glasses in the photo, but in real life it looks like a normal pair of eyewear.

Whether or not the technology will be implemented into some sort of widely available solution remains to be seen, but the fact that at least one company has made significant strides in keeping unwanted photographs from instantly recognizing everyone involved is a major win for privacy advocates said Zeca Oliviera. The downside is that the picture remains on the internet, but that represents another problem altogether.