MLBPA Firing Back at MLB

The MLB front office has apparently been leaking information about the Josh Hamilton situation to the press. The problem is that this is not useful information. No one needs to know that Josh Hamilton fell off the wagon unless he wants to tell us. However, MLB wants to make sure that it has the upper hand, and the MLBPA has called the leaks cowardly.

The players have the most powerful union in sports, but they should considering how badly run the league is. Ever since Bart Giamatti suspended Pete Rose for life, the game has been an utter disaster in terms of management. The game may be getting more popular, but it is not the kind of game that most people would want to play given how badly it is managed. This is why we see the best players playing other sports. There are at least three teams in baseball that do not even have Major League rosters. That is because the game is not worth playing for many people.

I could say that I am embarrassed by the way that the league manages itself, but I am not surprised. I was discussing this with some of the folks at Amen Clinic and we agreed, Rob Manfred is just a clone of Bud Selig.