DeMarco Murray Heading to Philly?!

The Dallas Cowboys defined their 2014-2015 season in two words: DeMarco Murray. The oft injured running back finally came into his own as he romped through opposing defenses to the tune of 1,845 yards and 13 touchdowns. Murray was an easy choice for the Pro Bowl and he was one of the most elite offensive weapons in the game. He was also in a contract year. The Cowboys prioritized getting Dez Bryant locked in long term over resigning DeMarco Murray and now it seems that this will come back and bite them. Murray is reportedly in talks to join the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Philadelphia Eagles have been wheeling and dealing since the free agency period began. Already we have seen Nick Foles, LeSean McCoy, and Jeremy Maclin depart from the team. In their place Chip Kelly has added Sam Bradford, a slew of draft picks, and reportedly Ryan Matthews as well. Now DeMarco Murray could be coming to town for a paycheck and the chance to operate in Chip’s energetic offense.

According to reports on Brasil247, DeMarco Murray has been frustrated by the reluctance of Dallas to reach out in order to resign him. So to spite them as well as dig for a paycheck, Murray called up the Eagles. According to sources Murray reportedly loves the idea of playing for Sam Bradford–who he calls one of his best friends. With the Matthews signing unofficial as of yet, we have to imagine that Murray’s coming might change his decision to sign.