Britain approves controversial tobacco laws

The British Government has introduced some of the most stringent tobacco packaging laws in the world following a vote in the Houses of Parliament, Reuters reports. The latest measures will see tobacco products sold in the UK marketed in plain packaging with standardized lettering and images of the damage done by smoking depicted in graphic detail on the box. The move comes after a 2012 law was passed in Australia that forced tobacco manufacturers to sell their products in plain olive green packaging.

The British law has only reached the first stages of being placed into action as the upper house still has to vote on the controversial legislation. According Zeca Oliveira Britain’s tobacco industry is said to be worth around $29 billion per year, with the government receiving around $14 billion in taxes. The initial stage of the marketing legislation will take place in England, regional governments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales look set to introduce similar laws in the near future. Government officials have determined that reduced marketing opportunities for tobacco companies will limit the number of young people smoking in the future and reduce the number of people deciding to take up smoking later in