Accidental Discovery May Help Cure Lukemia

A chance observation in the lab of Stanford School of Medicine may help cure lukemia. Dr. Scott McClellan happened to observe that cancerous lukemia cells had transformed into macrophages, which are the ‘cleaning crew’ in the immune cell world. The macrophages consume cancer, pathogens and cell debris, plus beckon other immune cells to come and help them fight against the surrounding cancer cells stated

Dr. McClellan witnessed cancerous lukemia cells growing up and turning on their own kind. In essence, the cancer was being fought with cancer, and the battle was being won. Several other researchers also joined in the chance observation and conducted further studies. They discovered that the grown-up lukemia cells carry with them chemical signals that enable them to specifically identify cancer cells and launch an attack on them with the body’s own immune system and not harm non-cancerous body cells.
Now that the Stanford researchers have made an accidental discovery that may help cure lukemia and possibly other forms of cancer, their next task is to formulate a drug that will create the same response at the cellular level as the grown-up lukemia cell did.