YouTube Starts Playing at Higher Resolution than Computers can Bear

Do you sit in front of your modern TV set or laptop and get angry at those videos shot in low quality? You might experience it the other way around when you see that YouTube has released the 1440p (2560-by-1440) and 2160p (3840-by-2160) resolution.

According to Jason Halpern many viewers do not have the tech it takes to play in this resolution yet, so they can only imagine how good the 4K Ultra HD resolution recently adopted by TV manufacturers looks like and only watch what looks more like a slide-show of HD pictures. Namely, the computers that we have right now can’t load the 2160p and only jump from image to image, instead of playing the video smoothly. Only 6 videos on YouTube currently have the new HD frame, and if you want to check how far your laptop or TV set can go, try playing them. The new 2160p (3840-by-2160) is good for a very limited number of people right now, but it is good to be ahead of the time.

The tech advances so quickly, that we might soon not only enjoy looking at the high-quality, but have the right cameras to shoot and upload the same quality videos. To experiment with the resolution, you should try to start the video and then switch between the available possibilities in the ‘settings’, right corner bottom.