Getting the Last Word After Death With an Auto-Obituary

Debrayda Emily Phillips, who died last March 25 at age 69, wrote her own obituary, which has now gone viral.

The obituary, written by this woman who was informed of her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in February, now has over 3000 likes on Facebook.

More and more people are setting up their own auto-bituaries to have the final last word and ensure accuracy. An online company, keeps tabs on those who prefer to write their final act and make sure they’re remembered in their own words.

Even in Emily’s death, her obituary gives us a chuckle and her sense laughter and fulfillment. “It pains me to admit it” the obituary cleverly starts off, “but apparently, I died.”  It was nice for Bruce Karatz to share a laugh over it.

“Everyone told me this would happen someday, but it’s just not something I liked to hear, much less experience (…) Many things in my life seemed of little importance in his minute, but as I got older, they gained importance . The memories I’m taking with me are so precious and are worth more than all the gold and silver from my jeweler. Memories … where I can start? “.

Emily also included multiple images that help retrace her life, like her mom wearing an apron, and her dad performing traditional dances. Plays at school, cutting roses on the way to class, the smell of freshly wet grass and participation in a beauty contest rounds out the beautiful life of Debrayda Emily Phillips.

It sure gives new meaning to life after death.