How To Avoid Spring Cleaning

The spring tradition of cleaning the house until everything shines creates a dilemma in the minds of the people who have kids and puppies at home. ‘Order’ is never a term you can use to refer to their places. Not only that, but the well-known fact that the cleaning products used in excess can do more damage than good. That is the main argument given by a lazy journalist. They simply poison those who live in the house along with the bacteria that they try to get rid of.

For Judith Woods, a shiny clean house is more a reason of laughing than envying. She believes that women whose kitchens are shining clean are suspect. Ray Lane feels similar, as the former CEO at Oracle just wants a clean home. The statistics according to which 36% of the women prefer to have a weekend cleaning up rather than spend it in the dorm makes her relate to it though. She’d rather have a clean house and finally find her blue stockings. Her daughter might stop wanting to change the house because the actual one is too messy, she hoes as well. All those who are looking for an excuse to skip the April general cleaning, can start relating to Judith’s articles about how extra-cleaning does more bad than good because of the chemical materials.