Dog Helps Rescue Family from Fire

Today a rural Manitoba family are grateful for their dog Duke and his quick thinking. Duke’s human, Albert Sumner, shares a home with his sister, her one-year-old baby boy, and his 79-year-old uncle who is deaf. A few nights ago, Albert was alerted to a problem when he heard Duke scratching persistently at his bedroom door. When he opened the door he found that Duke’s fur on his back had flames on it. That is when Albert knew there was a serious problem.

According to the story on, Albert managed to get everyone safely out of the house thanks to Duke. While everyone was safe, Albert and the family did lose all of the contents they had within the home. However they are grateful to have all made it out uninjured. Albert’s sister, Doreen Sumner, said that they plan on rewarding Duke with a huge steak dinner.

The Sumner family are lucky that they had such a loyal dog, willing to take a chance risking his life to alert the family to the danger they were unaware of. Hopefully the Sumner’s will be able to relocate and get back on their feet as quickly as possible. That is what Kevin Seawright is rooting for.