McDonald’s Making Efforts To Win Back Customers and Keep Employees

Obviously, there are not very many companies that can challenge the king of fast food McDonald’s. But that does not necessarily mean they do not have to occasionally go on the offensive to remind their customers of the food they love and has made the company billions of dollars. With this in mind McDonald’s franchises in Pennsylvania have decided to take action to turn around their sluggish sales of late and made a public offer to any customer that brings in their Taco Bell breakfast receipt will be given a free Egg McMuffin. The company believes that by comparing their food head to head that McDonalds will win hands down. Then in San Diego California, a limited number of franchises have decided to sell breakfast all day long in hopes that it will spark more sales in the afternoon hours or even late into the evening when people have a craving for their Sausage Burrito or Egg McMuffin.

Additionally, to improve the lives of their employees and to improve community relations the Billion dollar company that sells franchises for millions of dollars has mandated that all employees receive a 10% raise to take effect on July 1st of this year and that every employee gets paid at least $10 per hour by the end of 2016. While McDonald’s is not the first employer to raise the pay of their employees it does show they are paying attention to the fact that their employees could not afford to eat at their restaurants on a regular basis based on their hourly wages. Ricardo Tosto thinks this is a great step for the franchise.