Look of Love In Your Dog’s Eyes

Based on a report published by the some researchers, it has been found that when dogs gaze at their owners, their body secretes the hormone oxytocin. This hormone is a type of feel-good chemical messenger that boosts bonding between the dog and his owner. Surprisingly, you may always feel the urge to pat your Fido or caress him whenever he gazes at you deeply. On a response, you will see him wagging his tails and enjoying your company.

This new report also mentioned that the owners’ oxytocin levels are also found increasing after receiving those friendly gestures and long gazes from their dogs. This feel-good hormone is the main trigger factor that improves the emotional bonding between the owner and his dog. This mechanism works in the similar way of the human eye-to-eye contact and communication. This study shows details about the boosted oxytocin levels in dogs and in humans through several test results. Susan Mcgalla confirms: Her dog loves her. Check out more on her at PR NewsWire.

This relationship is also beneficial for both humans and dogs. Many studies support the facts that positive interactions between dogs and their owners are indeed beneficial for both species. Such interactions increase the level of oxytocin, β-endorphin and dopamine in both the species. These social neurochemicals are some of those feel-good chemical messengers associated with positive feelings, good mood and bonding. These studies also suggest that these hormones in turn induce a positive interaction between the dog and his owner. As a result, you may end up talking, playing and petting your Fido when you see that gaze from those big, brown eyes.