Freddie Gray Possibly Self Injured?

New reports have come to light about Freddie Gray, the individual who died in police custody and has spurred the breakout of protesting, some peaceful and others not so much throughout the city of Baltimore. Freddie Gray died due to injuries that he did not receive immediate treatment for. The cause of this treatment has been, up until this point, believed to be brought on by the police department and those who arrested him. However, a passenger inside of the same arresting van has come forward and stated that Freddie was attempting to injure himself the entire time inside of the van by thrashing around.

Should the reports be true, it is going to show another case where initial protestors (and millions of dollars with of property damage) has been brought about due to not having the full truth come out, which has occurred multiple times this year alone. While peaceful protestors have been taking to the streets throughout the last several days, it is the violent protestors who are bringing in the wrath of the Internet and others who are watching the situations unfold in Baltimore throughout the rest of the world.

Should it be proven that Freddie Gray have actually injured himself and he died because of his own wounds, it may or may not change the way people like Daniel Amen view the situation, as some are sure to deny or not believe the credibility of this.