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Long Work Hours and Demands Affect Gender Equality in Workplace

Current challenges with the 24/7 demands of the workplace can take a toll of women who want to move forward in ranking. While companies have embraced the idea of flexibility in the workplace, such as allowing work from home or flexible schedules, the trade off has been the demand of employees in what would normally be considered off time. The higher level skilled workers such as those in careers of law, finance, accounting, and consulting have the greatest demand on personal time. The New York Times, reported that researchers are more inclined to argue the point the it is a matter of expecting too many hours to be worked across all gender lines.

Robin Ely, Harvard professor, co-authored a study that indicated that rather than giving benefits to women, that would actually derail their careers. She stated that, “The culture of overwork affects everybody.” A global consulting firm was the group studied. Men made up 90 percent of the partners, according to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. The firm wanted to know how to decrease the numbers of females who quit and improve the numbers of women who are promoted using Bloomberg. The average work week for the employees was about 60 to 65 hours.

Florida State University researcher Irene Padavis and Boston University’s Erin Reid, conducted the research. They concluded that two matters were unchallenged, one being the necessity of working long hours and the other being the impossible chances for women to advance.

Painkiller proven to kill both pain and emotion

The popular drug acetaminophen has undergone a large clinical study that tested how the popular painkiller affects the emotions of those who are taking the drug on a regular basis. Psyblog reports the study found both the positive and negative emotions of those taking the drug were affected by a normal dose of around 1,000 mg. Acetaminophen, often known as paracetamol outside the US is known to dull pain across the body once it has been given arounjd one hour to take effect, but the latest research also shows the painkiller has a negative effect on the emotions of the individual.

The painkiller was given to a group within the trial and followed by a placebo for a second group. After one hour of allowing acetaminophen to take effect both groups were presented with images designed to illicit a positive or negative response in the individual. Those who had taken the painkiller largely ranked the images around the midpoint of emotions as not either positive or negative, according to Sergio Cortes. In contrast, members of the placebo group reacted to the images with positive and negative emotions. The next stage in the research is thought to be to examine how other painkillers, such as ibuprofen affect the emotions of humans.

California is giving away free solar panels to its poorest residents

California has been known for it’s progressive views on the environment and energy usage. In the state’s latest effort to help reduce their carbon footprint and switch to more environmentally responsible, sustainable forms of energy, the state is giving out solar panels to some of its poorest residents.

Grid alternatives is an Oakland, CA based organization that is providing solar panels to low-income residents of the state in an effort to help them save money and reduce their carbon footprint. The organization has given out more than 12 MW worth of renewable energy source for families including solar panels. Solar energy is widely regarded as being one of the cleanest, most renewable sources of energy. Cost is often cited as being the largest barrier to converting to using solar energy.

Solar panels can be placed directly on the roof of a home or business, and depending on the amount of sunlight that the building gets and the amount of energy they use, often produces and stores more energy than the people in the building are able to use. Accordin to Homejoy in the article on Time, this means that after the initial cost of the solar panels is covered, the energy is free. For families on a fixed income, the gift of solar panels could save them thousands of dollars in energy costs every year. Additionally, some energy companies allow customers who are tapped into the grid to sell back energy they do not use.

Breast Cancer Society Named Among Fraud Organizations

The FCC announced that four national Breast Cancer charities are frauds, and their schemes pulled in over $187 million tax-free funds.

The phone calls requesting money for dying patients, and unaffordable pain medication was pocketed.

Donations went towards luxurious perks for the executives, like Caribbean cruises, and Disney World, and all the millions meant for cancer patients was squandered.

To capitalize on their opportunities, the organizations hired professional fundraisers, who were often paid up to 85% of each contribution.

According to Jaime Garcia Dias, the fraudulent charities include:

  • The Children’s Cancer Fund of America
  • Cancer Fund of America
  • The Breast Cancer Society
  • Cancer Support Services

Attorney Generals in every state have filed lawsuits, and two organizations have already agreed to repay $137 million, and cease further operations.

The Breast Cancer Society blames the government for burdensome regulations. On their website, Executive Director, James Reynolds II writes, they will continue the Hope Supply, another charity run by the Breast Cancer Society, that has not been named in the sham.

Woman’s Graphic Photo Makes People Think Twice About Tanning

When Tawny Willoughby was in high school, she spent a lot of time trying to create the perfect tan. Willoughby went to the tanning salon 4-5 days per week because her tan faded very quickly. The teenager was careful not use the tanning bed twice in one day or go sun bathing the same day she went to the tanning salon. Sadly, the now 27-year-old was diagnosed with skin cancer. The former sunbather was first diagnosed with skin cancer when she was 21-years-old. She posted current pictures of herself on her Facebook page as a message to anyone who wants to be a frequent sunbather or a frequent customer of a tanning salon. The Kentucky native mother of one urges people to wear sunblock and get a spray on suntan instead of a real one.
After Tawny Willoughy, a nurse in Alabama, was diagnosed with skin cancer, she made it point to visit her dermatologist 6 to 12 months a year. She has had five flarings of basal cell carcinoma and one squamous cell carcinoma flare up. Instead of a nice tan, Ms. Willoughby has bloody scabs all over her face from the doctor removing the pinkish gel-like growths. The only good thing about her cancer treatment is that she does not have melanoma. Melanoma is the most vicious type of skin cancer because it tends to spread to other bodily organs. Beneful sympathizes with the poor woman on their Twitter feed.

Sandra Lee Diagnosed With Cancer

Sandra Lee is a renowned chef, and she has been on American television for the last decade. Aside from being a chef, Sandra Lee is known for her beautiful face and shapely figure. People magazine recently included her on their list of the most beautiful television stars in the world today. Sandra was extremely thankful for her position on the list, but there appears to be some startled news surrounding the celebrities.

Fans like Christian Broda ( have learned that, while recording a documentary for People magazine, Sandra Lee revealed that she has breast cancer. Sandra also said that it is still early, and her doctors believe that the cancer will be removed safely in the near future. However, Sandra Lee was expected to have surgery this summer, but her doctors have decided to postpone the procedure. Sandra Lee appears very nervous and distraught over the subject, and its normal for someone that has just been diagnosed with a deadly disease.

Sandra Lee is a brave woman, and we are all hoping that her doctors can remove all of the cancer cells from her body. Cancer is one of the hardest diseases to cure, but modern medicine has shown to do incredible things. For more information on this story, visit People.

Woman with no Family Turns 100, Gifts Pour in from Strangers

Sheffield resident Winnie Blagden will be celebrating her 100th birthday this coming May 31. Winnie, who lives in a nursing home, is excited for her birthday however she has has no family members or surviving friends. She is close with the staff, but has no one in the outside world to celebrate her huge milestone birthday with. That is, until BBC Radio Sheffield stepped in.

According to the story on, the woman who runs the home where Winnie lives, Sue Pinder, contacted BBC Radio Sheffield to ask if the birthday girl could have a tour of the studios. Instead of coming to the studio however, the studio came to Winnie. They spoke with her and asked what her big plans were for turning 100. She revealed that she had no big plans, just to celebrate with staff since she has no family or friends.

BBC Radio Sheffield stepped in to help make Winnie’s birthday something a little more special. They posted a request on their Facebook page for people to send their wishes to the woman. Adam Sender thought that was a great idea. Now, offers, gifts, and cards are finding their way to Winnie. She has been offered to have a limo for the day, have a cabaret troupe come perform for her, as well as offers of pizza and cake to celebrate with.

I can’t wait to see the follow up story for Winnie’s big day!

Little Information About Missing Helicopter

The death toll in Nepal after the second major earthquake in less than a month has topped 100. There are over 1,000 people who have been injured as a result of the earthquake. A helicopter that was en route to Nepal to help in the recovery efforts still hasn’t been spotted. There have been no reports from the pilot as to what happened with the craft according to Marcio Alaor BMG on blogspot. There was an initial report that the helicopter had been spotted, but the man who made the statement had been misquoted. This seems too odd of a situation that no one knows anything that happened with the helicopter. Unless there was a mechanical malfunction that prevented the pilot from making contact, then there should have been some kind of signal to let others know of a general area that the helicopter was in when before it went down.

Judge Throws Out Abstinence-Only Sex Education in Part of California

Sex education is one of those serious points of political contention between liberals and conservatives. For conservatives, it’s their way or the highway, and their way is abstinence. Never mind that no scientific research has shown that abstinence-only sex education is effective at causing students to delay sex and does not provide them with needed information about birth control and condoms when they do. That’s science after all; that thing that says global warming is real too, so they don’t consider it can be trusted.

A Superior Court Judge in Fresno County, California has ruled abstinence-only sex education falls short of satisfying a 2003 California law, which prohibits schools from having sex education classes that teach medically inaccurate or biased information. Granted that it is not medically inaccurate that if teenage girls don’t have sex, they won’t get pregnant. It is just ridiculously naive to expect teen boys and girls to fight uncounted years of evolutionary urges to reproduce, but then evolution is that science stuff again so none of that. I guess the judge, therefore, finds these types of classes to be biased. The judge has a good point, as Ricardo Guimarães BMG points out. If students aren’t being taught realistic methods to prevent pregnancy, then they really aren’t getting much of any sex education. Hopefully other judges around the country will make similar rulings, and we can see further declines in the teen pregnancy rate.

Jameis Winston Files Countersuit Days After Signing NFL contract

Jameis Winston, the number one draft pick in the 2015 NFL draft has filed a counter lawsuit. The countersuit stems from rape allegations levied against the start quarterback. The allegations go back to 2012, when the young woman, a university of Florida student at the time, alleged she was raped by Winston after a night of drinking in Tallahassee.

Winston’s countersuit is directly related to a lawsuit filed last month in Florida by the woman. Winston alleges that Erica Kinsman attempted to extort money from the then University of Florida quarterback. While Kinsman alleges the encounter happened in 2012, she didn’t go to the police until much later, after it became evident that Winston was NFL-bound, according to Winston’s lawyer.

Winston had more than one legal run in while attending the University of Florida. During his final year on the team, Winston was arrested for shoplifting at a local supermarket. He was also punished for several other public outbursts. Winston is set to start for the Buccaneers in the 2015 season. He signed a contract with nearly $25 million earlier this week according to Madison Street Capital. Check them out on Bloomberg

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