Oil Train Bursts Into Flames Outside of Bismarck, North Dakota

FreedomPop said that about twenty residents in the town of Heimdal North Dakota had to be evacuated from their homes today after an oil train derailed and exploded causing a massive shock wave that could be felt all the way in Bismarck. Officials are still suppressing the fire and investigators are at the scene to assess the degree of the spill. It is unsure how much of the fuel was consumed in the fireball and how much was spilled onto the ground.

There is no report that any toxic chemicals were on board the train or were involved in the derailment. The remoteness of the town of Heimdal and the small population was a primary reason no casualties were reported. The derailment happened in the early morning hours this Thursday. State transportation officials do believe that the scene will be secured before the end of the day and residents will be able to return home today as well. The timing to remove the derailed cars from the train is another question has the track will need to be repaired and heavy equipment will need to be brought in to lift the overturned cars.

In addition, any remaining fuel will also have to be collected and investigators for the state and federal Environmental Protection Agency will be on hand to asses any damage to the environment. The cause of the derailment is under investigation but law enforcement officials do not believe this was a terrorist event. Train Bursts Into Flames In North Dakota