Sandra Lee Diagnosed With Cancer

Sandra Lee is a renowned chef, and she has been on American television for the last decade. Aside from being a chef, Sandra Lee is known for her beautiful face and shapely figure. People magazine recently included her on their list of the most beautiful television stars in the world today. Sandra was extremely thankful for her position on the list, but there appears to be some startled news surrounding the celebrities.

Fans like Christian Broda ( have learned that, while recording a documentary for People magazine, Sandra Lee revealed that she has breast cancer. Sandra also said that it is still early, and her doctors believe that the cancer will be removed safely in the near future. However, Sandra Lee was expected to have surgery this summer, but her doctors have decided to postpone the procedure. Sandra Lee appears very nervous and distraught over the subject, and its normal for someone that has just been diagnosed with a deadly disease.

Sandra Lee is a brave woman, and we are all hoping that her doctors can remove all of the cancer cells from her body. Cancer is one of the hardest diseases to cure, but modern medicine has shown to do incredible things. For more information on this story, visit People.