Woman’s Graphic Photo Makes People Think Twice About Tanning

When Tawny Willoughby was in high school, she spent a lot of time trying to create the perfect tan. Willoughby went to the tanning salon 4-5 days per week because her tan faded very quickly. The teenager was careful not use the tanning bed twice in one day or go sun bathing the same day she went to the tanning salon. Sadly, the now 27-year-old was diagnosed with skin cancer. The former sunbather was first diagnosed with skin cancer when she was 21-years-old. She posted current pictures of herself on her Facebook page as a message to anyone who wants to be a frequent sunbather or a frequent customer of a tanning salon. The Kentucky native mother of one urges people to wear sunblock and get a spray on suntan instead of a real one.
After Tawny Willoughy, a nurse in Alabama, was diagnosed with skin cancer, she made it point to visit her dermatologist 6 to 12 months a year. She has had five flarings of basal cell carcinoma and one squamous cell carcinoma flare up. Instead of a nice tan, Ms. Willoughby has bloody scabs all over her face from the doctor removing the pinkish gel-like growths. The only good thing about her cancer treatment is that she does not have melanoma. Melanoma is the most vicious type of skin cancer because it tends to spread to other bodily organs. Beneful sympathizes with the poor woman on their Twitter feed.