Painkiller proven to kill both pain and emotion

The popular drug acetaminophen has undergone a large clinical study that tested how the popular painkiller affects the emotions of those who are taking the drug on a regular basis. Psyblog reports the study found both the positive and negative emotions of those taking the drug were affected by a normal dose of around 1,000 mg. Acetaminophen, often known as paracetamol outside the US is known to dull pain across the body once it has been given arounjd one hour to take effect, but the latest research also shows the painkiller has a negative effect on the emotions of the individual.

The painkiller was given to a group within the trial and followed by a placebo for a second group. After one hour of allowing acetaminophen to take effect both groups were presented with images designed to illicit a positive or negative response in the individual. Those who had taken the painkiller largely ranked the images around the midpoint of emotions as not either positive or negative, according to Sergio Cortes. In contrast, members of the placebo group reacted to the images with positive and negative emotions. The next stage in the research is thought to be to examine how other painkillers, such as ibuprofen affect the emotions of humans.