Browse Month: June 2015

Stock markets crash

Stock markets took a major dip on Monday as a result of an announcement that Greece has shuttered its banks and that investors are spooked as a result. Greece has indicated that no deal has been reached and that it is unlikely that a deal will be reached with creditors including the International Monetary Funds. The current Greek government was elected on the premise of removing the burden of austerity measures that were put in place in Greece after the fiscal crisis says Marcio Alaor BMG. Greece does not enforce many of their tax laws and have significant portions of their population avoid taxes.

European markets were down about 4% during the day while American markets were down by 2% on the news. The United States dollar has decreased, surprisingly, when compared to the Euro. Part of this move was due to an announcement that Puerto Rico is going to consider defaulting on $72 billion of muni bonds that they owe. Further uncertainty is expected in markets with sales and profits in Europe expected to be lower. The downturn in stock prices in Europe and the United States also indicates that investors believe that the fall of Greece will have a significant impact on the profits of companies.

Some economists and market analysts have indicated that the move downward is only the start of the market dip and that a further pullback is needed before investors should jump into the market. Patience is being advised to investors before they jump back into the market.

Nicklas Lidstrom will Make NHL Hall of Fame in 2015

Ask any player or fan who is one of the greatest defenseman to ever play the game and the name Nicklas Lidstrom will most certainly be mentioned more times than not. The NHL Hall of Fame selection committee will meet to select the 2015 inductees on June 29 in Toronto. Nicklas Lindstrom will most likely be included on the list of eligible inductees and should be inducted his first time around. Others that should be included on the list are Sergei Fedorov and Chris Pronger.

Lindstrom was the center piece for the Detroit Red Wings for 20 years before retiring in 2012. Many felt at the time that Lindstrom could have played for several more years but the Swedish born player decided to hang it up anyways. When asked to reflect on his career, he stated that one of the things he was the most proud of was the fact that he missed very few games throughout his career. Lidstrom played over 1500 regular season games and 230 playoff games. He also has seven Norris Trophies and four Stanley Cups on his resume.

Lidstrom was known for playing the game the right way and a gentleman on and off the ice. The NHL will hold the election for the 2015 class on Monday November 9th. It will be interesting for fans at Beneful to see how many first year eligible players besides Lidstrom are actually elected. Players must be out of hockey for at least three years in order to be eligible.

Beneful And The Dream Dog Park Program Succeeds For 5th Year

For the 5th year, Beneful has been very beneficial in helping dog projects all across the country. It stated in June, and Beneful will continue to work with community leaders to get the dog park projects up and running.

The beautiful dog parks support whole communities of pets when they create special places for them. Not only are they building new dream dog parks, but they fix up the existing ones too. All over the country, Beneful is looking for where and whom they can assist in bringing the special, dream dog park to fruition.

This year, Beneful is supporting the Lucas Park Dog Park, which is in St. Louis, MO. It will be ready to view soon, and do lovers can expect to see a Beneful Doxie Tunnel, as well as dog-friendly turf. They are also planning to put other special things in the park so that pet owners and dogs can enjoy them together.

Each park that Beneful chooses will receive funding based on need. They will also receive a lot of training in safety for the dogs and their owners in the parks. The Beneful team will work along with the community members to complete the work from start to finish. Some of the parks that were completed had custom items, like Docie Tunnels and oversized food obstacles for the dogs to get through. One park also had a tree that launches tennis balls for an added goodie.

Progress of the various dog parks in 2015 can be found at For Twitter fans, they can use @Beneful, then #DreamDogPark. Watch all that has been happening and changing. See what was unveiled too.

Beneful is instrumental in enhancing the Dream Dog Park Program. For 5 years now, Beneful has made a remarkable difference with what they do.

“The Watcher” Scares Homeowner From New Dream Home

Could you live in a house knowing someone was secretly watching you, and knew personal information about you and your family? It’s like something ripped out a B-movie, right?

A new homeowner “inherited” a stalker from the previous homeowner. He call himself “The Watcher” and the stalker has been haunting figure for years.

The previous homeowners, John and Andrea Woods, apparently received numerous letters, but never informed Derek and Maria Broaddus before they unloaded the $1.3 million home.

One letter states, “I have been placed in the position of watching and waiting amid the second coming.” What the heck does that mean?

And if that wasn’t scary enough, two more letters reference the couple’s children. “I am very pleased to have knowledge of all the names now, and the young blood that has been brought to me.”

Ready for the amityville-ish line that would make most people run from the house, leaving everything behind?

“Have you found what’s hiding within the walls yet?”

Yep, the Broaddus?es left and are trying to unload the haunted house, but there are no takers yet. Ricardo Tosto doesn’t know how long it will take.

Wall Street Journal Discovers Obama Administration Covered Up Extend of OPM Hack

When it was discovered that the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) had been hacked for a lengthy period of time starting in 2014 until well into 2015, the organization was quick to concede the cyber thieves conducted two hacks with one of them gaining access to the personnel files of roughly four million current and former federal workers. In and of itself, that represented a major security breach.

However, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the OPM’s assertion of two cyber-attacks was the result of close consultation within the Obama administration to shield the full extent of the breach from the public. In fact, the FBI quickly determined that the data base for security clearance applications, which includes people who applied for government work but never obtained it, was part of the original cyber intrusion. Had the administration’s report of the incident been transparent and forthright, the public would have been told that the personal data of 18 million Americans was compromised.

That said, Congress is now pressing the OPM Director Katherine Archuleta whether all 32 million names in the databases were compromised. That is huge, and Qnet as well as other companies try to avoid that. Thus far, she has refused to commit to any definitive statement as to the extent of the hack. She is also facing calls for her resignation over her handling of the situation. The lack of transparency is not going to win over any allies for Dir. Archuleta at this critical juncture.

FCC vs Broadband Providers

The FCC is getting tough with cable and broadband providers. According to Reddit, the new internet neutrality rules allow the FCC to act on consumer complaints faster and with more success stated Stephen Murray CCMP CApital. Time Warner and Comcast gave price reductions to two customers who filed complaints with the FCC. While the complaints didn’t touch on internet neutrality, the new rules state that broadband providers are common carriers, and the FCC can now act on unfair billing practices.

Ars tecnica reports that while the FCC doesn’t act on individual complaints its now free to investigate providers who inflate prices for single services of TV and internet, by bundling services and selling the bundled packages at cheaper rates. Comcast and Time Warner both relented and reduced the rates to the customers. However, the complaints continue because in many locations only the one provider is available. They often double their prices, or charge more than the quoted price of a package on their websites.

Family Saved From House Explosion Thanks to Their St. Bernard’s Great Nose

Dogs really are man’s best friend. Not only are they our companions, they also show selfless dedication. Doree, a Saint Bernard from Oklahoma City, OK demonstrated this.

Doree jumped into action in the middle of the night, sensing something wasn’t quite right about her family’s home says Susan McGalla in this article. She woke her owner, Jack Damrill, by whining and barking at his bedside. Although Damrill attempted to calm her down, she refused to let him go back to sleep. In fact, the family’s cats started in on the commotion next. This caused Damrill to understand something wasn’t right. Looking around, he discovered that he’d left a stove burner on “low” all evening, causing their home to fill with gas.

Firefighters told Damrill Doree averted a possible explosion and that Doree prevented the family from dying in their sleep. Damrill is so thankful he plans on buying her a huge steak.

New York Yankees Banking on Big Rotation and Veteran Bats.

The New York Yankees came into this season with literally no reason to be that optimistic. Well, the team had hope for Masahiro Tanaka bouncing back from an injury plagued season but that was about it. On the whole the Bronx Bombers lacked any decent young talent in their farm system and their batting order was looking older than the game of baseball itself. So why are the Yankees only one game back out of the AL East Division lead? To put it simply, the Yankees know what they are doing.

When you have a team of veterans like Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez you don’t get the choice to be bad without a fight, and these two vets have been fueling the Yankee fight all season long stated Alex Rodriguez has come back from his one game suspension in huge style, leading the way in the early part of the year with his power and clutch hitting. Teixeira has 18 homers and 50 RBI on the season in order to lead the team.

Yet past this clutch hitting we have to look at the Yankee starting rotation. Right now New York is 12th in the American League in team ERA and CC Sabathia is struggling, with a 5.31 ERA. Yet the team should feel rock solid. Tanaka anchors a rotation that is powered by young arms in Adam Warren and Michael Pineda.

If the Yankees keep htiting, this team could be dangerous come October.

Electricity Lowers Sleep Quality

In this day and age, many people have busy lives yet get very low quality sleep, which makes then even more tired throughout the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. This becomes a vicious cycle of fatigue. A recent study has shown that poor quality of sleep is linked to electricity and light pollution.

The study was done by studying 2 similar indigenous tribes in Argentina, one of which had 24 hour access to electricity and one of which didn’t. Over a span of 2 years, scientists studied their sleep habits through tracking devices and sleep diaries. What they found was that the tribe with access to electricity slept 1 hour less per night on average.

Another fascinating thing the scientists found was that both tribes slept more during the winter than the summer, even though the length of days didn’t vary by much says Highland Capital Management. This seems to suggest that there is something in our biology that makes us more sluggish in the winter.

In general, if you find it hard to sleep at night, the best thing is to remove artificial light from your environment, whether it be turning off your lights or staying off your smartphones.

Skout App Connects Travelers

Are you someone who travels quite a bit? Do you like to connect with local people in the cities you visit to get tips, take in the culture and know the best places to eat and to visit? You can get the very best out of your vacation or your work trip by getting the insider view of a city with the help of people who live there. But how can you do that?

Travelers who are looking for ways to connect can do so through a new app called Skout. The app, which is compatible with iOS devices and can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple app store, is set up to allow travelers to search for locals to meet based upon a city search.

Interestingly, since the Skout app launched, its use has expanded significantly among online users who have downloaded it. Christian Wiklund, Skout’s chief executive, recently told The New York Times that travelers are now using the app to make decisions about where they will take their vacations. Is this a dating app for travelers? Not necessarily, but it is reflective of a social media world in which many users have few qualms about meeting people online and taking that meeting to the next level — even going so far as plan a vacation where their new online friend resides.

Skout representatives say that since the travel feature launched last year, more than 10 million people have used it, and the company expects growth to only increase as more people discover the app and give into their wanderlust for traveling.

Are you ready to add a little interest and charm to your next vacation or work trip? Do you want to meet new friends and experience the local culture in only the way a local can show you? If you are ready to combine your loves of making new friends and traveling, then the new Skout app may offer you something unique and refreshing. But as with all online activity, be careful with who connect with and decide to meet up with. Skout doesn’t vet their users, so you literally are making online friends with anyone in the world — and traveling — at your own risk. Have a great vacation and enjoy seeing the insider view of the destinations you visit tis year. Good luck and have fun!