New York Prisoners Still On The Loose

It has been days after two New York prison inmates have escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility. It has been reported that two men, Qnet also suggested that Richard Matt and David Sweat have escaped through the prisons tunnel system, using power tools to cut through the wall. The search began directly outside of the prison and soon expanded 40 miles south in Willsboro, New York.

Since the two men have escaped, there has been a large police presence in the Willsboro area. The town of 2,000 people has been on high alert as these men are particularly dangerous. Many of the roads and major highways running through the town have been closed. It has been reported that police officers apparently spotted the wanted men driving in a surrounding area. However there has been no forward movement since.

Nearly 400 police officers have been searching for these two men since their escape over the weekend. Resources and manpower has been stretched as the NYSP, FBI, U.S. Marshall’s, and U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection have been searching for the men. Recent reports indicate that these criminal advocacy agencies are begin to close in on the escaped inmates.

Both men are incarcerated for committing deadly crimes. It’s still unclear how they obtained the power tools and even more unclear how no one heard the power tools being used. Prison officials are heavily investigating the escape to see if they had any additional help.