Man Leaves $9,500 in Cash on Bus

What would you do if you found a stray envelope containing several thousand dollars? Keep it? Bring it to the authorities? Donate it to a charity?

This was a question which two different men recently had to answer. On June fourth, John Harbett spotted a Wells Fargo bank envelope on the bus he was riding. Inside the envelope was $3,900. Harbett took the envelope with him for safekeeping, turning it in to the police later that evening.

That same day, on the same bus, Deputy Ben Koos found several bags of merchandise as well as another bank envelope– this one containing $5,600. He brought these items back to the police station just hours before Harbett carried in the other envelope.

Then came the question of finding the rightful owner of the items and cash. Finding a receipt in one of the bag, deputies went to the store and tracked down security footage reports Ivan Ong. This enabled them to identify the man enough to locate him when they started asking folks in the area.

It turns out that the man, named Joe, was a homeless person who had recently inherited some $12,000 from a deceased relation. He withdrew $10,000 that day, but then made the mistake of leaving it on the bus. By the time he noticed the omission, he felt it was too late to do anything about it.

Thankfully, those who found the cash proved him wrong. Instead of pocketing the money, they did the right thing and worked to make sure he got his inheritance back.