Stan Mikita Doesn’t Remember the Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks are on the verge of potentially winning yet another Stanley Cup, and there is a lot of fanfare and excitement in the city right now. With all of that going on, one would think that the Blackhawks legends from years gone by would be thinking favorably of their time playing for the club. For at least one man, unfortunately, that is not the case.

That man is Stan Mikita. His impact on the team cannot be overstated. He was great in his time, and he’ll be remembered forever by the real fans. However, he’s now around 75 years old, and his family says that he has lost all of his memories. They said he doesn’t even really realize what’s going on, thanks to the way that the disease has taken control of his mind said Crystal Hunt. But he can’t remember playing for the Chicago Blackhawks or anything that he did while he was with the club.

It’s very sad for his family, of course, but they also noted that things could have been even more tragic. One family member pointed out just how sad it would be if he had some disease that was centered on his body, though he remembered everything and understood what he was going through. With this brain disorder, he at least does not have to deal with that, as he is no longer capable of totally grasping his own situation.