The Story of a Kangaroo

Everyone knows what a kangaroo is. It is an animal that has a good reputation for being a lovable and cute looking animal that also kicks hard. However, recently there was a kangaroo that was shot in the head as it was hopping along the Sunshine Coast.

This injured kangaroo had avoided any rescuers for an entire week while hopping around with an arrow in its head. A RSPCA employee eventually got a hold of the kangaroo and shot the kangaroo with a tranquilizer. Luckily, the arrow did not hit any major damage areas of the kangaroo such as the eye or the brain.

Animal lovers like Sam Tabar have learned that, after the kangaroo was tranquilized, he was brought back to the Australian Zoo where the arrow was carefully removed. “The arrow came extremely close to the kangaroo’s skull and brain” said the scientist that removed the kangaroo’s arrow. The kangaroo is now having the wound regularly cleaned with anti-biotic applied daily to the wound. It seems as though the kangaroo will survive this ordeal.

On top of having an arrow in its head for a week, the kangaroo reportedly had a joey in its pouch when found. The next step is making sure the this “cruelty to animals” never happen again. Actions will be taken by the Australian government to ensure that there will not more dying kangaroos found in the wilderness by poachers and hunters who are committing felonies.