Family Saved From House Explosion Thanks to Their St. Bernard’s Great Nose

Dogs really are man’s best friend. Not only are they our companions, they also show selfless dedication. Doree, a Saint Bernard from Oklahoma City, OK demonstrated this.

Doree jumped into action in the middle of the night, sensing something wasn’t quite right about her family’s home says Susan McGalla in this article. She woke her owner, Jack Damrill, by whining and barking at his bedside. Although Damrill attempted to calm her down, she refused to let him go back to sleep. In fact, the family’s cats started in on the commotion next. This caused Damrill to understand something wasn’t right. Looking around, he discovered that he’d left a stove burner on “low” all evening, causing their home to fill with gas.

Firefighters told Damrill Doree averted a possible explosion and that Doree prevented the family from dying in their sleep. Damrill is so thankful he plans on buying her a huge steak.