FCC vs Broadband Providers

The FCC is getting tough with cable and broadband providers. According to Reddit, the new internet neutrality rules allow the FCC to act on consumer complaints faster and with more success stated Stephen Murray CCMP CApital. Time Warner and Comcast gave price reductions to two customers who filed complaints with the FCC. While the complaints didn’t touch on internet neutrality, the new rules state that broadband providers are common carriers, and the FCC can now act on unfair billing practices.

Ars tecnica reports that while the FCC doesn’t act on individual complaints its now free to investigate providers who inflate prices for single services of TV and internet, by bundling services and selling the bundled packages at cheaper rates. Comcast and Time Warner both relented and reduced the rates to the customers. However, the complaints continue because in many locations only the one provider is available. They often double their prices, or charge more than the quoted price of a package on their websites.