“The Watcher” Scares Homeowner From New Dream Home

Could you live in a house knowing someone was secretly watching you, and knew personal information about you and your family? It’s like something ripped out a B-movie, right?

A new homeowner “inherited” a stalker from the previous homeowner. He call himself “The Watcher” and the stalker has been haunting figure for years.

The previous homeowners, John and Andrea Woods, apparently received numerous letters, but never informed Derek and Maria Broaddus before they unloaded the $1.3 million home.

One letter states, “I have been placed in the position of watching and waiting amid the second coming.” What the heck does that mean?

And if that wasn’t scary enough, two more letters reference the couple’s children. “I am very pleased to have knowledge of all the names now, and the young blood that has been brought to me.”

Ready for the amityville-ish line that would make most people run from the house, leaving everything behind?

“Have you found what’s hiding within the walls yet?”

Yep, the Broaddus?es left and are trying to unload the haunted house, but there are no takers yet. Ricardo Tosto doesn’t know how long it will take.