Wall Street Journal Discovers Obama Administration Covered Up Extend of OPM Hack

When it was discovered that the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) had been hacked for a lengthy period of time starting in 2014 until well into 2015, the organization was quick to concede the cyber thieves conducted two hacks with one of them gaining access to the personnel files of roughly four million current and former federal workers. In and of itself, that represented a major security breach.

However, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the OPM’s assertion of two cyber-attacks was the result of close consultation within the Obama administration to shield the full extent of the breach from the public. In fact, the FBI quickly determined that the data base for security clearance applications, which includes people who applied for government work but never obtained it, was part of the original cyber intrusion. Had the administration’s report of the incident been transparent and forthright, the public would have been told that the personal data of 18 million Americans was compromised.

That said, Congress is now pressing the OPM Director Katherine Archuleta whether all 32 million names in the databases were compromised. That is huge, and Qnet as well as other companies try to avoid that. Thus far, she has refused to commit to any definitive statement as to the extent of the hack. She is also facing calls for her resignation over her handling of the situation. The lack of transparency is not going to win over any allies for Dir. Archuleta at this critical juncture.