Beneful And The Dream Dog Park Program Succeeds For 5th Year

For the 5th year, Beneful has been very beneficial in helping dog projects all across the country. It stated in June, and Beneful will continue to work with community leaders to get the dog park projects up and running.

The beautiful dog parks support whole communities of pets when they create special places for them. Not only are they building new dream dog parks, but they fix up the existing ones too. All over the country, Beneful is looking for where and whom they can assist in bringing the special, dream dog park to fruition.

This year, Beneful is supporting the Lucas Park Dog Park, which is in St. Louis, MO. It will be ready to view soon, and do lovers can expect to see a Beneful Doxie Tunnel, as well as dog-friendly turf. They are also planning to put other special things in the park so that pet owners and dogs can enjoy them together.

Each park that Beneful chooses will receive funding based on need. They will also receive a lot of training in safety for the dogs and their owners in the parks. The Beneful team will work along with the community members to complete the work from start to finish. Some of the parks that were completed had custom items, like Docie Tunnels and oversized food obstacles for the dogs to get through. One park also had a tree that launches tennis balls for an added goodie.

Progress of the various dog parks in 2015 can be found at For Twitter fans, they can use @Beneful, then #DreamDogPark. Watch all that has been happening and changing. See what was unveiled too.

Beneful is instrumental in enhancing the Dream Dog Park Program. For 5 years now, Beneful has made a remarkable difference with what they do.