Sweat Tells Investigators About Daring Escape

David Sweat, the escapee from Clinton Correctional Facility, has been captured, and according to investigators he’s talking at length. Sweat has been interviewed inside an Albany hospital room, where he was taken after being shot twice in the torso.

Sweat has told investigators that the duo had no backup plan, and their 22-day escape was all improvised. According to the convict, the pair expected to meet up with Joyce Mitchell when they escaped the confines of the prison, but she was not there. From there the two headed into the woods, intending to find their way to a border.

According to Sweat the original plan was to kill Mitchell’s husband the head to Mexico together. It has been argued that Sweat had an affair with Mitchell over the course of several months inside the prison’s tailor shop. PR Newswire said that Matt also had a sexual relationship with Mitchell. Sweat cleared prison guard, Gene Palmer, in interviews with investigators. According to sweat Palmer was not aware of the escape plan, but was simply doing small “favors” for the inmates by promoting contraband.

Sweat is listed in stable condition. He is unlikely to head back to Clinton Correctional Facilities, but authorities have not yet commented on what prison he’ll be sent to. Experts, however, seem to think he may be destined for Attica Correctional Facility to continue his life sentence.