Christian Broda: An Economists and Fund Manager Based in NY

Economists are experts who study several economic factors such as taxation, workers’ wages and salaries as well as market demand and supply. They apply analytical thinking and complex mathematical formulas to study and understand issues affecting the economy, predict trends and give their reports to policy makers and business entities. An economist has different responsibilities depending on his employer and area of specialty. An economist will start his research by gathering information and conducting a survey on certain economic issues. In other cases, they use historical information in their work.

After researching, economists are supposed to give their reports to relevant authorities and policymakers who will then implement their findings. Many countries rely on the work of economists to predict past, present and future economic state. Economists play crucial role in predicting prices of commodities at the market based on demand and supply.

Economists are normally hired by financial institutions, corporate, not-for-profit organization, global organizations as well as research institutions. In a business perspective, an economist will help an entity increase its profit. He will analyze market trends based on demand and supply, sales and supply. Economists will help financial institutions to analyze the effects of interest rates on their target markets. Non-profit organizations will rely on the work of economists in researching specific issues related to their programs.

Economists play critical role of advising investor on the state of economy in a country. Current and future investors will rely on research conducted by economists to learn how the economy is performing. As a results, the investors are able understand future expectation of their investments. Investors will be educated by economists on demand and supply of the commodities in a given area, effects of taxation rates on their businesses and employees’ turnover rate. This information will enable investors to implement important policies to ensure their investments have succeeded.

Christian Broda is New York based economist, fund manager, a professor and MD at Duquesne Capital Management. A few years ago, together with another economist speculated that inflation will remain low for a long time due to market forces and trends. This prediction has been witnessed since inflation has remained below 5% for the last four or so years. Mr. Broda has also worked with other countries like Japan and offered a hopeful analysis of its future performance.

Indeed, economists are important experts in modern world. They will work with government and other private institutions to help them understand the market trends as well as demand and supply. They will analyze a wide range of economic factors that play crucial role in any given economy. Government agencies, financial institutions and non-profit organizations should work closely with economists to ensure success is achieved in their operations.