Dan Newlin Fights for Justice

There are personal injury attorneys who come to work and treat it for no more than what it is; a job. Then, there are attorneys like Dan Newlin and his team. Dan Newlin sees his work as more than just his job. He sees it as a passion and a calling. He is not just there to make money, he is there to fight for justice for those who need and deserve it. In fact, recently, Mr. Newlin and his team were given the honorable distinction of a Super Lawyer Law firm. This is a title reserved for less than 5 percent of all lawyers or law firms in Florida.

In November of 2014, Dan Newlin was responsible for a verdict of $100 million. This record-breaking award was on behalf of a 15 year old who suffered a personal injury that caused her to be in a coma since 2012. Damages included payments for past and future medical expenses, punitive damages, pain and suffering endured by the victim, and loss of companionship and emotional distress for the teen’s mother, Alma Fletcher.

The victim, Danielle Sampson, was in the back of the family minivan in July of 2012. The van was moving when she was hit by a stray bullet that came from a gun fired by Tyrone Mosby, age 22. The bullet hit her head, causing her to spend the next several weeks in a hospital and rehabilitation facility. Ms. Sampson is still paralyzed and is not able to communicate, except for blinking her eyes. In fact, the bullet is still in her skull, along with its multiple fragments in her brain.

Mosby is a known gang member who was with several other men that were leaving the scene of a home invasion. The bullet that hit Danielle was meant for the homeowner. Newlin said he took on this case because he wanted to send a message to dangerous criminals and gang members; that they will be held accountable for their actions, not only in the criminal courts, but in civil ones as well. He realizes that, more than likely. this family will never see near the amount awarded them by the jury, however, that is not the point. The point is, if Mosby ever gets out of jail and earns a wage, a portion of his wages will always go back to the family of Ms. Sampson, by order of the judge.

Dan Newlin and his team know that personal injury cases are not about the money. They are about the physical, mental, and emotional suffering the victims and their families have endured. Their team seeks justice for those people, just as they did in Danielle’s case. Dan Newlin is an exceptional personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.