How Slyce Has Contributed To The Growth Of Visual Search Technology

Visual search technology involves a shopper using images to find products that he/she wants to purchase. The search results produce the product, the location it can be found as well as the price. This new technology has completely revolutionized the way people do shopping nowadays. A mobile enabled smartphone or tablet is enough to shop provided it has an app that conducts a visual search. A camera is also necessary because it is what the shopper uses to capture the desired image in most instances.

Retail stores work hand in hand with visual search technology companies to include their inventory in the app’s database so that when someone searches, the search can produce results that are in their inventory. This technology works to the benefit of both the retail stores and the customers. For the retail stores, their products are sold more quickly when compared to instances where they are sold physically. They also reduce the labor costs because they do not need a lot of shop attendants. When it comes to the shoppers, they are offered with convenience. With just a few taps on their smartphones, they can shop for products provided they have a similar image of the desired product.

Visual search technology databases search for images and patterns strictly based on an algorithm that gives and recognizes information based on a pattern match technique. The best thing about this technology is the fact that it can even identify images that are not of excellent quality and produce a match for the same. Results are obtained by a comparison of images through computer vision technologies. Characteristics such as color, texture, shape and any other visual information go a very long way in coming up with the results.

Slyce is a visual search technology company that is in a league of its own. It has been able to come up with truly epic technologies that have added a lot of value to the way retail shops hit their sale targets. All stores that have integrated products on their inventory have experienced a drastic improvement in their sales margins when compared to before. Shoppers, on the other hand, have enjoyed a lesser time when shopping and the convenience that with just a captured image, one can do shop for a similar or even better product.

Slyce is a company founded on the precepts that technology plays an active role in how things are done nowadays. Because we are living in an entirely digital world, it is imperative that we also embrace digital shopping methods. The company has also come up with other technologies that ensure that shoppers quickly redeem their coupon codes through their smartphones. The sky is surely the limit for Slyce.