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Bruce Levenson Sells Atlanta Hawks to Atony Ressler-Grant Hill Group

The Atlanta Hawk owner Bruce Levenson and ownership group are working to complete the deal to sell the Atlanta Hawks to Billionaire equity and investment fund manager Antony Ressler.

In addition to Antony Ressler, the purchasing group includes the co-founder of Marquis Jet, Jesse Itzler, former NBA player Grant Hill, Clayton Dubliner & Rice partner Rick Schnall, ITzler’s wife and Spandx founder Sara Blakely, and BTIG co-founder Steven Starker.

Levenson is an all around American businessman. He co-founded United Communications Group in 1977. Also he is an active participant in various philanthropic organizations like Hoop Dreams Foundation and Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. He is the former president of the Washington chapter of the I Have a Dream Foundation, which helps low-income kids pursue higher education.

The final hurdle to the sale will be getting the NBA owners approval. They just need a majority vote in order to finalize the sale, which is expected to happen.

The Hawks recently had a press conference to announce the deal to the public.

“We are honored and thrilled to have been chosen to become the new stewards of the Hawks,” Ressler said in a statement. “We respect the NBA’s approval process and, accordingly, can say no more other than we are incredibly excited by the Hawks’ success and wish them luck in the playoffs.”

The entire process is expected to take until June to finalize. The deal was completed and the sale process began in September.

The team will retain Hawks CEO Steve Koonin and coach Mike Budenholzer. They are apart of a long term success plan for the future of the organization. This is good news for the Hawks because they were seeded top in their division last season and will need their leadership for repeated success in the future.

Levenson with partners agreed to purchase the Hawks, the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers and operating rights to Philips Arena for $250 million in 2004. In 2011, they sold the Thrashers for $170 million, which relocated to Winnipeg. The final sales price for the Hawks is reported to be $850 million leaving Levenson $770 million in the green for his 2004 investment.

Foley & Lardner sports attire Irwin Raij was not surprised at all at the high sales price stating that the sales price was a strong number for the market.

“The price reflects the strength of the NBA product right now and views as to what they think the market can become,” he said. “This takes into account the national and local media deals and the trend of increasing NBA team valuations. … This price for this team in this market will be viewed positively.”

The Hawks are coming off a strong season with a franchise record high 60 games won. The new groups first goal is to improve attendance. The Hawks were 17th in the league last season. They are negotiating deals with local and national TV stations along with other Fortune 500 companies investments.

Things You Need to Learn About Taking Care of Your Pet

For a pet to remain healthy, it is necessary to ensure all the actions one does towards the animal offer a positive appeal. There are many experts in the field of taking care of animals and their information has been invaluable to many people who own pets. However, there are still difficulties among many pet owners as most of them do not understand how to keep their pets healthy and active. This is mainly attributed to lack of the right information before one can implement a certain procedure to help keep a pet healthy. Here are guidelines that can help every person to keep their pets well taken care of.

Keeping the pet healthy entails many things, with hygiene taking a central part of the need. A healthy environment is necessary of one expects their pet to stay free from pests and diseases that arise because of dirt. There are many products one can use when cleaning the house where the pet sleeps as well as items that are used to feed the pet. It is recommended to regularly disinfect the hose of the pet and to spray the environment with chemicals that can help prevent pests from surviving within the house. The pet itself needs to be cleaned regularly and the right detergent used to keep it free from pests. This way, the pet will remain healthy and active since no pests or diseases are disrupting its comfort.

Proper feeding
When buying foods for the pet, it is good to do so after getting information from a vet doctor. One of the most popular foods that has proved effective when feeding dogs is Beneful on facebook. This is a product that is made to contain all nutrients and vitamins that a dog needs to keep healthy. Most people who have tried the product will confirm that Beneful is one of the best foods that can be bought to feed a dog. It is well packed and clean not forgetting it allows the dog to have strength for maximum activity and health.

Socialize the pet with animals and people
Each pet wants to join the company of other animals and people. When a pet is socialized properly with people and other animals, it becomes easy to eliminate boredom, which in most cases lowers the esteem of the pet. Socializing the pet with different people makes it playful and helps to maintain it in a healthy state. The pet needs companionship and a stimulating environment to ensure it does not get bored easily.

Regular exercise
Although most people think exercise is only necessary for humans, animals need exercise as well. When a pet is kept in the cage for the whole day without exercise, this increases its chances of getting dull and at times attracts illnesses. A simple walk around the neighborhood and playing with the pet helps to keep it active and healthy. This can be easily done in less than one hour and the health of the pet will be maintained well.

The NBA and Modern Team Ownership

When most people think of the National Basketball Association they think of the superstars who played the game and have become legendary for their skills and athletic prowess. For some it is Michael Jordan flying through the air with his tongue hanging out. For others it may be Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s famous hook shots or Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game, but few people think of the history and business that go on behind the game.

Today’s NBA was formed in 1946 in the city of New York as the Basketball Association of America and later changed its name to the National Basketball Association after it merged with the National Basketball League, its main rival in 1949. The National Basketball Association is still headquartered in New York City.

The first official game played by the National Basketball Association was on November 1, 1946 between the Toronto Huskies and New York Knickerbockers and was played in Toronto, Canada. The original NBA teams were owned by the owners of the major Northeast and Midwest ice hockey arenas, thus teams were concentrated in those areas. After completing the merger with the National Basketball League the Basketball Association of America changed its name to the National Basketball Association and had a total of 17 franchises. Soon after the NBA began to consolidate in the league was at its smallest during the 1953-54 season when the league was reduced to eight franchises. All eight of those franchises are still part of the National Basketball Association, though several franchises have relocated.

In the 1950s the NBA saw the establishment of the first Dynasty as George Mikan led the Minneapolis Lakers to five NBA titles.

The 1960s saw the domination of the Boston Celtics claimed nine championships during the 60s. Led by center Bill Russell and guard Bob Cousy along with legendary coach Red Auerbach the Celtics dominance of a decade has never been repeated.

In the 1970s the league faced competition from the American Basketball Association which was later absorbed into the NBA in 1976. For formerly American Basketball Association franchises were absorbed by the NBA, the league ended the 1970s with a total of 22 franchises. The end of the 1970s however, saw a decline in attendance and TV ratings.

The 1980s saw a huge rise in the popularity of the NBA and the rivalry between Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics and Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers. Bird and the Celtics went on to win three titles, while Johnson led the Los Angeles Lakers to five championships.

In the 1990s the NBA saw the rise of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Chicago went on to win six championships in eight years cementing their legacy as Jordan became the face of the modern NBA. The 2000s saw dominance by the Western Conference with both the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs winning multiple championships.

Today the NBA remains one of the most beloved sports in America, franchises are no longer owned by ice hockey arena operators. Today’s NBA franchise owner is typically the leader of a complex organization with many moving parts, in fact many teams are owned by a group of business people instead of a single individual. The Atlanta Hawks for example are owned by the Group of seven businessmen led by Bruce Levenson.

Mr. Levenson is the example of a modern NBA franchise owner. Mr. Levenson became an NBA team owner after achieving a great deal of success in the business world. Mr. Levenson co-founded United Communications Group in his apartment, UCG published a newsletter labeled Oil Express and went on to launch information databases such as the Oil Price Information Service. Today UCG is a business information company that specializes in news analysis of everything from energy to health care, UCG also owns and operates the mobile application GasBuddy.

. Other team owners who come to the NBA from the technology world including Mark Cuban owner of the Dallas Mavericks and Paul Allen owner of the Portland Trail Blazers among the others.

Three Extremely Famous Brazilian Writers

Brazilian writers are known the world over for their production of informative and entertaining literary pieces. They obviously work hard to improve their writing talent just as they do with sporting talents. The efforts have paid off handsomely as many of them have been accredited for authoring the best novels, poems, plays, and short stories. Brazil also has a vibrant history and a rich mix of culture. Since Brazilian literature is the leading source of information about the country’s history, many people in the country and beyond have found it incredibly rewarding to turn to the works of acclaimed authors such as Clarice Lispector, Jorge Amado, and Jaime Garcia Dias for insight and inspiration.

Clarice Lispector is widely described as perhaps the most respected Jewish writer since Franz Kafka. Born in Podolia in Western Ukraine, she was brought to Brazil as an infant and grew up in Recife, Northern Brazil. Her mother passed on when she was only nine years of age. When this author was in her teens, their family moved to Rio de Janeiro where she enrolled in a law school and immediately started publishing short stories and journalistic works, catapulting to fame at the age of 23. She consequently got married and left Brazil in 1944 and spent the next decade and a half in Europe and the United States with her husband, a Brazilian diplomat. Upon returning to Brazil, she began producing some of her most famous works including the important magical novel The Passion According to G.H and the interesting stories of Family Ties.

Apart from Lispector, George Amado also contributed considerably to the success of the Brazilian literary. He was the most famous modern Brazilian writer, his literary works having been popularized in film and translated into over 49 languages in 55 countries. Religious cretinism characterizes Amado’s works, and the works reflect the image of a mestizo Brazil. While focusing on the theme of social and economic difference in Brazil, he successfully depicted the country as cheerful and optimistic. Amado is perhaps one of the great authors who shaped the future of Jaime Garcia Dias and other contemporary writers.

Jaime Garcia Dias began writing while he was still very young. At the age of 15 years, the young writer had published his first literary piece. He was born in Rio de Janeiro to well-educated parents who played a great role in his career life. Dias’ parents encouraged him to pursue his dream. His father Arnaldo Dias, an established writer, was his role model. In 2013, Dias credited his father with mentoring him by publishing chronicles in the Journal do Brazil. The Chronicles focus on childhood stories that reinforce his assertion that his father played a leading role in his career life.

Advertising Agencies In Brazil Are Targeting Consumers With Multiple Online Devices

A few years ago, newspapers, magazines, radio and television were the only way advertising agencies could get their client’s product and services in front of Brazilian consumers. Radio ads were the best and cheapest way to advertise because most households in Brazil owned a radio. Radio ads were loud, sometimes bizarre and always entertaining.

Television ads were designed the same way except people could watch the craziness instead of just listening to it. Radio and television are still the most popular ways to advertise, according to the founder of Heads Propaganda Advertising Agency, Cláudio Loureiro. The Heads ad agency represents some important clients in the Brazilian market, so Loureiro and his team of executives are always developing new ways to tell interesting stories about products and services. One of those new ways is using the Internet to place ads and another way, according to Mr. Loureiro is to create ads that can be seen on mobile devices.

The trend in Brazil these days is to use multiple online devices to communicate and to get information. A recent study conducted by the Brazilian Center for Studies on Information and Communication Technologies discovered that 27 percent of Brazilian families owned not only a computer but also different types of mobile devices like notebooks, smartphones, and tablets. Smartphone and notebook sales in Brazil have exploded, and that people are using their computers less and their mobile devices more.

The number of mobile subscriptions continues to increase in Brazil. There are 138 million broadband subscriptions a month, but only 23 million fixed broadband connections. More people are using mobile devices, and they are using them in different locations. That scenario presents opportunities for ad agencies and advertisers, but there are also challenges associated with developing ads for mobile users. Cross-device targeting techniques are tricky, according to advertising executives.

A recent research survey discovered that 87 percent of Internet users in Brazil shop online using a computer or a laptop. But 27 percent of them will also use a smartphone to shop, and another 32 percent use a tablet or notebook when they shop online. Advertising agencies have the ability to use a retargeting and identification platform to deliver creative ads for specific consumers, and that is changing the ad game in Brazil. Clients that want to reach consumers that have put the Internet in front of television and radio for shopping advice are expanding their possibilities and their sales.

Beneful: The right brand of food for your dog

A dog is truly one of the best pets a person can have, and some people view their dog as family. You will want your family members to be a part of this earth for as long as possible. That is why it is imperative to make sure that your dog is eating the right things to keep them healthy. There are so many tasty dog food and treats out there for your pet, but it can be difficult finding the right type of food that is beneficial to your dog’s health.

Luckily there is the company Beneful, not only do all their products have a high rating, but their products cover every aspect of a dog’s health. Their products are also made with real meat, giving it an extra bonus. One of the most important things in your dog health is their teeth. Beneful has an array of dog food and snacks that specialize in that area. If your dog would like a treat that is tasty then, healthy smile dental ridges will be a good pick. Their dental dog treats are great to help keep your furry friend dentals fresh. This product helps reduced plaque and tartar buildup. Your dog teeth will become stronger and have fresher breath.

A dog weight is also crucial. Not only do a proper body mass help your dog stay active but it also to ensure a longer lifespan for your dog. Beneful on samsclub has just the good that will help your dog stay in tip-top shape. Their Beneful healthy weight will ensure that your dog is served a smart calorie recipe. Your dog will receive 100% of the nutrients that that they need to keep a healthy lifestyle. It will be equally delicious with servings of a mix of tender and crunchy bites. Their Beneful Playful life will also ensure that your dog will stay active throughout the day.

A dog can be good for watching out for people that is not wanted on your property, Beneful Healthy Puppy will keep your dog vision perfect. Not only would it help your dog vision development but it will also help their brain development by providing a calcium rich formula.

It is important for your dog to feel good on the inside, but it also is important for your dog to look their best on the outside. The Beneful Original will help your dog coat maintain a shiny glow and give your dog healthy skin. It is full of omega-rich nutrition.Many of their dog food and snacks come in an array of different flavors, yummy vegetables, and real tasty meat.

Your dog will love this brand with all of the delicious meals that they offer. Not only will your dog be happy that they have these tasty treats and snacks, but now you can also breathe again knowing that your dog is receiving all of the health benefits. This brand ensure that your dog will receive everything they need in order to live and enjoy an happy life.

Beneful Is Great For My Four Wonderful Dogs

I have a pit bull dog that seems to run the house, and he’s dominant over all other dogs in my house. I have a total of four dogs, but the pit bull seems to be the most aggressive. Although he’s not mean or violent towards the other dogs, the other dogs tend to back away when the pit bull goes in to eat his meal. I give each dog their own food in their own bowls, but the pit bull can be bad sometimes, and he may stray into another dog’s bowl. I’ve tried many times to prevent the pit bull from eating the other dog’s food, but he doesn’t want to listen.

I’ve had to find ways to discipline the pit bull to keep him from indulging and eating the food from the other dogs, and it works sometimes, but he seems to try to get away with it when I’m not around. I don’t like my other dogs being intimidated by a dog that’s supposed to be like a brother to them, but I can’t say that I’m terribly surprised. I knew that pit bulls could be somewhat aggressive, but he still is a very sweet dog. When I take all my dogs out for a walk together, the pit bull is the first one to start running off on his own.

I take the dogs to a park that allows them free access to roam around without a leash. All four dogs will run around and play, but three of the dogs tend to stick together, and the pit bull seems to like being by himself. My dogs are not a stranger to playing around in the park for over an hour or more, but I know they are getting great exercise. One day I took the dogs to the park to play, and it started raining heavily.

We got back home, and the dogs were muddy and their paws were dirty. I had to give all four of them a bath, and that really tore up my bathtub. After each one of them took a bath, I sat them down to eat a meal, and each one of them stayed in their own bowl for once. The pit bull was behaving, and it seemed as if I had finally gotten him to behave himself when it came time for dinner. I only feed my dogs Beneful because I believe it’s a good food for them that’s nutritious.

I could never have dogs that are so active if I didn’t give them a dog food that was helping them have additional energy. Beneful gives my dog’s the energy they need to run around the park. My dogs not only love Beneful, but they can’t get enough of the Beneful treats that I buy them from time to time. I love when my dogs come back for seconds when I feed them Beneful, but I make a strict policy of only one bowl of Beneful per dog.

An Overview of Brian Torchin

Mashable told that Brian Torchin’s the managing director of the Healthcare Staffing Solutions Company. The Company markets employment opportunities in the medical sector and other health-care related firms. All employment seekers in the healthcare industry who wish to practice their skills approach Brian for career search and consultation services. Mr. Torchin is regarded as the most experienced professional whose role in the Healthcare recruitment counselors has resulted in tremendous growth. Colleagues and clients alike, who have interacted with him, describe him as a social person who is always ready to provide utmost comprehensive health care solutions to all. Besides, he is well known for his consistency in providing qualified individuals to any organizations seeking workforce.

Torchin is considered as detail-oriented professional with a positive outlook on business issues. These qualities have enabled him create long – term relationships with his individual clients and companies. He works to ensure the satisfaction of the wishes of the customers and employees while at the same time remain very ethical and professional. He has over 200 clients’ bases in Europe, Canada, Australia, and the United States. He works with multiple and diverse organizations, enterprises, and groups involved in the medical care industry.

The majority of hospitals strive to integrate their services to shrink the costs and subsequently raise patients’ satisfaction. Torchin believes that being aligned with physicians with all types of specialties in a hospital is the first –class technique to increase the appreciation of the patients and, therefore, reducesrate of the re-admissions. Besides, staying at par with trends on competitive compensation is crucial for a health organization to be in a position to attract services and talents needed for growth and accurate compensation that maximize financial resources.

Since the inception of the firm, Torchin has been at the forefront in applying directive techniques, experience and consultation methods in providing healthcare services. In the end, his is to offer fast and efficient solutions to healthcare problems and be available at any time on clients’ request to fulfill their needs

Despite the busy care schedule, Torchin spares time to publish consistently informative articles on the blog of the firm. The articles posted are based on a broad array of topics such as online marketing, hiring medical practitioners, interview questions, and tips to hiring qualified employees.

No matter how the technology improves, human beings will forever need healing services. That is why Torchin was drawn to the profession and was overwhelmed with the desire to assist people with their afflictions. A career in medicine is not just about listening to people’s problems; it is a call that requires dedication. In one of the articles for the firm’s blog, Torchin advices young aspiring medical practitioners to find meaning in what they do.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho , The Famous Brazilian Lawyer.

Brazilian law students have to pass the Bar Examination to be admitted to the OAB. This examination is usually done under the strict regulation of the OAB Federal Council; the exams occur thrice annually. The rigorous education system ensures that only the student who have met the requirements and set standards practice law in this competitive field. With the many lawyers that legally practice law in the country, the law system is at top notch. The legal profession is under regulation of the Brazilian Bar Association which was established in 1930 as a result of the introductory policies developed by Brazilian Lawyers Institute between 1834 and 1930. This association gives Brazilian Lawyers mandate/responsibilities above corporative interests, giving them an opportunity to take part in the current rule of law. It brands them as defenders of the society’s interests through appropriate implementation of the rule of law Brazilian law is mainly a derivative of Portuguese, French, Italian and German Custom law.

Before choosing a lawyer in Brazil, ensure that he understands the Brazilian litigation system as well as its diverse culture. Brazil uniquely comprises of different races including the Native Americans, African Slaves, and the former European settlers. If for any reason you are aspiring to acquire property or start your own business in this country, then it is advisable to get a good lawyer that will guide you through the process. He will spell out the dos and don’ts when undertaking your project. There are many lawyers in this great country, make a wise decision when choosing the one to represent you. Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been in the legal field for over 22years and has represented many clients successfully in the courtrooms. Mr.Tosto has represented top Brazilian Organizations, wealthy individuals, politicians and even governments that need his professional legal services.

He started out in a small firm in his country. Mr.Tosto today owns one of the largest law firms in Brazil. The prominent lawyer is known for the pivotal part he played in the development of numerous legal tools that have been widely accepted by the law society. His firm has provided an avenue for young aspiring lawyers with a place to put the knowledge they are taught at school to test. Mr. Tosto has successfully mentored these interns who are currently his partners in his organization. Apart from legal matters, Mr. Tosto gives lectures and is an extensive writer on political and legal issues. He has published numerous articles in certain magazines and newspapers and has also co-authored the Brazilian book known as Processo de Tiradentes. Mr. Tosto is a member of the International Bar Association and Consulting Council of Brazilian publishing house Revista dos Tribunais. He is a living example to all the young aspiring lawyers.

Playful and Functional Color Makeup

Some women just love makeup. I’m one of them. And why not? It’s fun and can make you feel and look fantastic. I love makeup that looks real and enhances my skin color, evens out my tone and looks natural. I also love a natural looking blush on my cheeks. I like it to all blend in evenly and subtly define my features.

Eye makeup can be subtle or bold. I like subtle neutral tones of varying browns,tans, bronzes and ivory shades. They can be blended to show depth much like a work of art on canvas. There are many looks for natural shadings. Add a gentle brown pencil liner at the lash line, or a darker brown eye shadow shade, add mascara and there, you look great! Of course, you can go with a bolder brown eyeliner and look more dramatic.

Top off with a nude or bare lipstick, surround with natural lip liner and the subtle sexy look is done. For just a bit more pop, add a berry gloss to center of lips.

Now, if you want to look a little more glamorous, you can edge up your eyes. Go for bolder colors in top picks such as green, purple or blue. You can add some sparkle for real pop, along with colored mascara. Line eyes with bold black liner and you will be certainly be noticed.

Generally, if you’re going super bold with eye color, tone it down for lips. To keep bold eyes the center of the face, use a natural nude, pale pink or peach lip color. Too many bright colors on lips and face can look clownish.

Lime Crime on tumblr is a hot new makeup line that allows you to go bold, bright and beautiful. They have eye shadows and lip colors that not only pop, but will get you noticed! They have lip colors in red, pink, blue and green. Makeup colors like you’ve never seen them before is what Lime Crime specializes in. Make no mistake, though, they are well made, cruelty free and priced fairly.

Fun with makeup is about experimenting with looks for different moods and occasions. Some life events require subdued makeup and some occasions allow for playfulness. Makeup should also enhance and nourish your skin and keep it healthy and glowing. It should be fun to put on and should be as playful just as you are!

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