DS-MLM Giant, QNET to Resume With a Bang

It is evident that the modern Direct-Selling Multi-Level Marketing sector has been going through a severe period. It was mostly because of the archaic prohibition. One of the top brands in this industry, QNET notes that DS/MLM companies have been hit with unsubstantiated media-related propaganda over the past half a year. Ajay Chanam, QNET’s spokesman in India, described the year 2013 as among the worst for the two-decade-old DS/MLM business in India. The overall growth headed southwards, and hence it saw some of the DS/MLM‘s big names like QNET face many difficulties, and this has consequently brought back the industry into the limelight. QNet also has an India-centric website.

Emphatically insisting that the model is a sincere symbiotic enterprise and a viable self-employment chance to everybody specifically those who lack other avenues for earning a worthwhile income. What the firm is experiencing is a mixture of genuine value offered by legitimate companies and actual threats posed by unscrupulous firms versus a lack of clarity in distinguishing the two. The company’s spokesperson identified three principal causes as lack of proper legislation, the existence of rogue firms and an eminent identity crisis. He proposed the need for clear-cut policies and an appropriate legislative framework to govern and regulate the industry to make effective policing. Check out QNet’s profile on YouTube.

He also emphasizes that as opposed to the customary way of conducting business with the assistance of retailers and wholesalers, the DS/MLM structure has a clear-cut and concise value scheme. The system facilitates a straighter interface between the consumer and producer. It minimizes the likely points-of-failure while awarding marketing conventional expenditure as a commission to the users. He was of the opinion that QNET will eventually overcome its current crisis. He said that the company and the DS/MLM industry were taking measures and implementing initiative as a system. However, he urged all stakeholders to be extra patient to allow the integration of all elements to yield a long lasting solution.

Whatever course QNET will take, DS/MLM is a reality that all markets should accept, adopt and sometimes adapt to match their unique needs. All businesses are principally concerned with the product and the customers. Everything else is just a context around the two elements. DS/MLM is among the most critical model that engages the elements. Shorter and quite direct value-chain enables producers to engage consumers more efficiently while introducing products in their initial life-cycles with nominal risk. Loyalty programs are more productive compared to other programs, for consumers get loyalty points for their recurring purchases. They are also pretty rewarding due to the purchases ordered by others referred by them to make clients loyal to the brand. The economic offenses department of the Mumbai Police is investigating the allegations regarding fraud by rogue DS/MLM, and the clients should be confident about getting to the bottom of the matter sooner or later.