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The US Money Reserve to Take Advantage of Downturns


When people think about the stock market and investing in general, they always make it seem like everyone is connected. Somehow if the market takes a huge increase then somehow everyone has hit the jackpot. The truth of the matter is the US Money Reserve can teach you a lot about the investing world, and just because someone else is doing good or bad doesn’t mean your individual investment portfolio will do better or worse. The hardest part about the entire market is trying to figure out exactly how your investments will respond. If you take an average position of stocks then you might be exposing yourself to a volatile position. That being said, by taking a great position with the US Money Reserve, you truly have a chance to plan on when you can strike and maximize your investment.

The US Money Reserve is focused on creating the type of wealth that you need. Not only is the Us Money Reserve able to help individuals better understand the market in general, but they are also able to help you invest in gold. With gold you have a financial position in an actual asset that will continue to appreciate over time. As long as people are around and continue to value precious metals as though it is a significant class, you are truly able to hold onto something that will appreciate over time.

Another point to consider with the strategy of investing in gold with the US Money Reserve is that you truly have the opportunity to be able to take advantage of the market when certain things happen. As individuals in the regular market could start to panic because of an economic downturn or the slightest hint of the market spinning out of control, more and more people will want to turn to a safer asset class. At that point, anyone invested in a safe position like gold will truly be able to sell high.

At the end of the day you need to be sure you can truly invest in something that will continue to make you rich and build your wealth regardless of the market. If you are sick of playing the games of just hoping that your stock picks will pay off, then check out what the US Money reserve can set up for you. You don’t have to do too much, just get on the gold standard and secure your financial future.

The Corporate Structure Behind Healthcare Today

Most people are not aware that the hospital or medical clinic they go to for care, is actually owned by a larger corporation. Healthcare is one of the largest industries in North America, which is not limited to insurance. There are many small systems within the corporate structure of the healthcare system. On a smaller scale, healthcare can be broken down into categories for hospitals, medical and dental practices and all other areas of care, including nursing home facilities. In addition to the groups for the healthcare field itself, there are also two main categories for the industry. These categories include healthcare services and equipment, and pharmaceuticals.

The People Within the Healthcare Industry

Most people know there are medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and therapists working in the medical field, but there are also lesser known individuals who fall under the same corporate structure. The healthcare system employs a number of managers, administrators and legal professionals. People who market to healthcare facilities also fall under the umbrella used for a corporate system. In addition to the marketing people, there are also underwriters, investors and shareholders. Most privately run care facilities are funded by investors who become part of the corporate structure by providing revenue for the parent company.

Corporate Care Centers

As with all types of business, a healthcare center is only as good as the company who owns it. The corporate company is generally responsible for the management of the staff and the facility. Checking the revenue for a corporate healthcare company can be a good indication of how well the system works. Care facilities that are managed properly will have more patient retention than those that are managed poorly. Healthcare companies who invest their time and money in having their facilities well staffed with professional people, will produce higher revenues and have the ability to expand into other areas. Companies that continually receive bad reviews for the facilities they own, will not get the type of investor funding needed to expand. Marketing is a key strategy in creating a successful corporate structure.

A Fast Growing Company

Nobilis Health Corp. is one of the fastest growing companies in the healthcare field. In 2014 the company acquired First Nobilis Hospital, which made it a strong leader in the corporate field. The company also owns several care facilities in Dallas, TX and Scottsdale, AZ. Their dedication to efficient management has allowed them to continue to move forward with great financial reviews and positive patient retention. Nobilis Health utilizes marketing strategies for patient recruitment, patient lead management, physician marketing and point-of-care marketing. The company takes a forward stand for future development projects that will continue to place it at the top of its field.


Overwhelmed with physical or emotional hurt? You may need a compassionate individual who will listen, personally absorb your problem and act with great legal skill to help heal your hurt. You may need Dan Newlin. His resume reflects legal expertise as a trial lawyer in Florida, and his reputation for caring is well known.

Headlines have carried Newlin’s name when jury decisions have awarded millions of dollars to a teen paralyzed by a stray gang bullet and to the family of a slain police officer. Individuals and families have felt his hand of concern in their moments of crisis, and young cancer patients have found hope in his special programs. His sharp legal expertise has brought closure, monetary help, and lawful justice for many clients. With a staff of 75 legal experts in offices in Orlando and in Chicago, he has a commitment to practice a special kind of law which reflects his concern and caring.

His bio reflects a history of helping people who have met challenges in life through no fault of their own. As a young lad just out of high school, he joined a fire department in New Chicago, Ind., and also worked with a medical emergency team. He soon moved to Orlando with a job as Deputy Sheriff in Orange County, Florida. He worked here thru college and Florida State University College of Law. It has been his concern for people that has motivated his rapid growing practice, and he is constantly seeking ways to help adults and children climb their mountains. Recently, he brought young cancer patients together with a boxing hero who had also met many challenges. Newlin saw the hero’s courage, and he hoped it would charge an atmosphere of hope and determination for these young victims. This sensitivity to human need radiates from Dan Newlin and staff. It is this intensity that communicates to a jury when Newlin asks for a verdict. It’s an electric charge that cannot be seen, but it lights the courtroom!

However, Dan Newlin doesn’t push a button to turn his light on. It’s a part of who he is, the fabric of his character. His list of areas of practice includes all kinds of accidents, wrongful death, medical and pharmaceutical malpractice, birth injuries, nursing home maltreatment, and insufficient security. The list almost says, “If it hurt you, maybe I can help ease the pain.”

Newlin has carefully chosen a staff that shares his motivation. Clients develop trust and confidence in those who work in the law firm of Dan Newlin. They find comfort, respect, friendliness, and emotional support. They become part of a family that needs help. A jury may award a sensational amount of cash in a verdict, but Dan Newlin & Partners will give something more valuable to help in healing. Friends who care are treasures.

Citadel’s Billionaire Ken Griffin

Citadel Group, an American hedge fund, was founded by CEO and president Ken Griffin. Griffin was born in 1968 in Dayton Beach, California. He is the proud owner of a hedge fund company that is ranked among the best, largest and overly successful in North America and the world at large with investment, assets and capital of a tune of over $25 billion. Citadel is the largest alternative management firm in North America. His childhood was not phenomenal until the time he joined Harvard University to pursue a degree in economics. He encountered an article that was written on Forbes magazine and it totally changed his life. The article had information about hedge funds and by the time he was out of freshman hood, he founded his own hedge fund that was dedicated to convertible bond arbitrage. Since he was a student, he experienced challenges in raising capital for his business. Griffin’s family and friends were supportive and together they raised $265,000 including her grandmother’s life savings. His innovative nature pushed him to install a satellite in his dorm to assist him in getting real time market data for making informed decisions in 1987. Due to this success at a young age, he launched yet another hedge fund, together with the first one, he was managing over $ million by the time he was graduating from college in 1989.

Frank Meyer, a close ally to griffin gave him $1 million to invest. Meyer was surprised by the way the money had brought a massive turnover and Griffin Founded Citadel with $4.6 million in 1990. Citadel, under the brilliant management of Griffin, witnessed a robust growth within eight years with over 100 highly skilled and experienced personnel and managing $1 billion investment capital.

Acknowledgement has come in from different sides for Griffin. In 2002, his name appeared for the first time in CFO’s magazine as one of the most influential people in finance industry. Another recognition is the numerous appearance in the Forbes 400, which was the initial source of his idea. In 2014, Forbes released its annual list of the 400 richest people in America. Griffin featured in jumped on the list and had jumped 14 spots ranking position 89. This is evident in his support for Illinois GOP governor candidate Bruce Rauner as he generously donated a check worth $2.5 million to Rauner’s campaigns.

Griffin again made history in donation at Harvard University by donating $150 million, the biggest single donation ever. The institution felt that there was something that was needed to be done in honor of selfless Griffin. For this reason, they arranged a ceremony for renaming its Financial Aid Office to Ken Griffin ’89. The $150 million gift will change lives for so many generations to come. The Program is meant to ensure that students whose parents had a house hold income of less than $65,000. The institution now offers direct financial aid to about 60% of the population enabling most to graduate debt-free from the institution. According to a report released in March this year, Griffin is estimated to have a net worth of $6.6 billion.

Bernardo Chua Gains Worldwide Recognition

Bernardo Chua is a respected businessman who has won several prestigious awards. Bernardo began his road to success in the Philippines and quickly moved his market to North America. He is the founder of Organo Gold, which is a company that utilizes an extract from a mushroom species called ganoderma. The supplement products sold in this line won Bernardo The National Shopper’s Choice Award. Mr. Chua’s company has also been named the Direct Sales Company of the Year, five times within his career. He continues to work closely with his Organo Gold company to produce high quality products.

A Worldwide Success

Bernardo Chua did not set out to conquer the world with his line of natural supplements, but he has certainly left his mark on many countries. His Slideshare PowerPoints show that he began Organo Gold in 2008 and by 2012 was already in 13 countries worldwide. His products are now available in Canada, Jamaica, Peru, Austria, Scotland and the USA to name just a few places he has impacted. Bernardo’s insight into what people choose to consume gave him the foundation for creating a business he could expand worldwide. The main product line for Organo Gold is organic coffee, which is consumed by millions of people across the globe.

Bernie’s Mission

When Bernardo Chua started his company he had a vision of sharing the success he would achieve. He has accomplished that vision by creating a company of worldwide distributors who all take part in the success of Organo Gold. The opportunities for growth within the company are limitless, making it possible for everyone to achieve their own goal of success. Even though Bernie is a successful businessman who is recognized worldwide, he still enjoys spending time with his family, and working on his photography interests on Instagram. He has been married for 32 years and currently has five grandchildren. He also enjoys hearing feedback from all the members of his global family in Organo Gold.

Dan Newline’s Great Career

Injury attorneys are well known and Dan Newlin is one of the top list attorneys in this field. His popularity heightened after his successful career where he worn several high profile injury cases. Dan’s career began from the bottom of the justices system and through hard work and resilience he has been able to cut a niche for himself in the legal system. He began from being a police officer at a very young age and he worked hard over the years to begin the great attorney that he is today. No one does it better than Newlin when it comes to injury and hos specialization in this particular field has help him to grow in his career.

Newlin is known to have had a great passion for people and over the years, all he wanted to become was to be a problem solver. This led him to become a law enforcer in the police department and later on he pursued his dream career in law. His experience as a law enforce has seen him work in different departments in the police service and he always performed above the expectation of many. Newlin began to show enthusiasm in whatever he did since he was a small child. This quest for excellence was not dropped even in his years as a junior police office.

He moved to the Orange County where he became and served his country as a Sherif. It was not long before his skills and proficiency led to his promotion to greater positions. He was made a sheriff detective a position he served with the same vigor as his previous job. In his position as a detective, Newlin was very instrumental in cracking down the drug lords networks in the area and this was a remarkable performance that earned him greater opportunities. He was later awarded a scholarship to attend the Florida State College of Law where pursued his degree in law.

After graduating and securing right to practices, Newlin moved in with speed to establish his own law firm in both Chicago and Illinois. His warm interaction with people and his ethics and good people’s skills have created a niche for him in his career. Newlin has very specific working habits that he has lived by over the years. These habits have helped him build a unique service delivery system that the firm adheres to and this has greatly influenced the difference in his firm. He always makes it a point talk to his clients and make them feel comfortable while inquiring for his firm’s services. Newlin is one of the greatest injury lawyers in the USA and he remains to be a role model to upcoming attorneys.

New York Real Estate Gets Boost with Big Projects

Real estate development in New York City is an always moving cycle of big buildings popping up just in time for more to follow in their place. Every month permit applications get sent through the city government and only so many get approved. For the month of September, as reported by The Real Deal, several big projects made it through in making NYC apartments for rent. We’ll take a look at a few of the buildings coming into Brooklyn and the Bronx as well as what they’re bringing with them.

In Brooklyn we’ll see the Shanghai based Greenland Forest City Partners erect another structure in their Pacific Park development. With 22 acres to work with there will be plenty of room to host a 26 story building, containing over 300 rental units, and a public school. Utilizing Marvel Architects, the building will go on to be one of Greenland’s premier structures in the city.

Not too far down the way we’ll see Bo Jin Zhu and the rest of Z&K Realty, erect their newest residential building. The team of developers have designed an 11 story building with over 160,000 square feet of residential area. The building will also host a giant synagogue as well as area for commercial development. The plot that the building will be erected on was purchased for almost $10.5 million back in 2014 by Bo Jin Zhu.

Joe Chetrit leads the charge in bringing new development down to the Bronx. The Chetrit Group received two permits for their work in Mott Haven, as they are designing two adjacent buildings. Chetrit is constructing two 25 story rental buildings in partnership with Somerset Partners. The larger of the two buildings, located on Lincoln Ave, hosts 826 apartments with a square foot coverage of nearly 800,000 feet. There is also almost 30,000 square feet of coverage set aside for commercial developments. Chetrit spent a combined $36 million on the lots in order to begin commercial construction.

At the center of all these deals is TOWN Residential, a luxury high end residential firm that has been operating in the city for the past five years. TOWN Residential was founded back in 2010 by CEO Andrew Heiberger along with Joseph Sitt. TOWN Residential operates as a boutique firm with their hands on several different key areas of development in New York City: from commercial buildings to luxury neighborhoods, you’ll see their professional touch on every block.

Widely Admired Lawyer Dan Newlin

Lawyers are professionals who are devoted to helping people. A lawyer specializes in providing legal help to people who are not familiar with the law. Someone who is getting divorced may need the help of an attorney who helps them make sure their interests are fully represented in the proceedings. People may also need to get help when they are confronting many other kinds of legal issues. Buying a house, for example, will often mean the need to fill out many legal forms and to make sure that ownership has been legally given from one party to another party legally without any potential problems.

Legal help can be particularly important for those who have an accident of some kind. Accidents are actually a very commonplace experience. Someone may fall on the ice in front of a municipal building that was not well maintained or work with heavy machinery that did not meet all safety procedures. In the event of such problems, the person may have all kinds of serious physical problems as a result. When a person has broken bones, it can make it hard for them to get to work each day. This may lead to all kinds of financial problems on their end as well as problems paying their medical bills.

This is why people find in such circumstances need the very best legal representation possible. A lawyer like Dan Newlin can be the ideal person to have on one’s side when facing an ordeal of this type. Newlin heads a team of highly skilled attorneys who have worked hard to help their clients get access to the full range of funds that are available to them under the law. Mr. Newlin and his team of experts know that it is important to get the best possible legal help as quickly as possible. As a result, he and his team have developed many ways of providing their clients with access to legal representation that can work fast to help their clients make sure that they are able to pay for whatever they need during the course of their recovery and focus attention on their recovery rather than on a pile of bills.

Newlin has spent many years in the field of law and in doing so has learned what he needs to help provide clients with their ideal advocate. His work has been ideal for people who have been wronged and need someone on their side who is totally prepared to fight for their needs in every way possible. In this way, someone who hires Mr. Newlin or a member of his legal team will know that they are hiring someone who is totally on their side.

Expert Hedge Fund Manager, James Dondero

Since 1984, James Dondero has moved through the financial and accounting labyrinth is spectacular fashion. As a graduate from the University of Virginia and the McIntire School of Commerce with two majors in Accounting and Finance, he earned the titles of Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Being extremely talented with the financial world and accounting as evidenced by his graduation with the highest honors, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, he manifested his brilliance immediately by beginning his career as an analyst with the Morgan Guaranty training program.

From 1985 to 1989 he worked for American Express as a Portfolio Manager and Corporate Bond Analyst. His expertise was so prolific that more responsibility was earned as he took on the position as Chief Investment Officer for GIC of Protective Life, with an account inventory of $2 Billion between 1989 and 1993. One success lead to multiple successes as James Dondero became a member of the board of directors for American Banknote and MGM Studios. To add to that he became Chairman of the Board for Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and Nexbank.

The culmination of his 30 years of experience to date in credit and equity market products manifested in Dondero’s role as Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management. This Dallas, Texas based financial firm is staffed by a team of highly competent, trained investment analysts that will fully research and structure transactions for their clients. They will research and execute proper due diligence to deliver high-yield, long only returns in alternative credit products that are properly culled from the lot of distressed investments, sorting out the losers from the winners. At the proper time, a sales transaction is carefully and precisely completed for Alpha only.

The credit markets are very attractive from the perspective of the creation of wealth with the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market and in developing credit oriented solutions for both retail and institutional investors. Highland Capital Management carefully develops its award winning products which include CLOs, private equity funds, mutual funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, REITs and EFTs. Along with their affiliates, Highland Capital Management works with $21 Billion in assets. The combined experience on the team is one of the highest in the world on alternative credit.

Highland Capital Management is a versatile company with highly skilled advisers that can offer invaluable advice. For example, in the time since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) going live, Small Businesses became concerned about the damage the ACA will do their profit margins and even their viability to stay in business. The advisers at Highland Capital can assist the small business to plan their upgrade to the highly controversial ACA. Many clients will seek out the primary methods to comply first and then opt out of this service by cutting their full time employees down to part time to avoid having to provide insurance for those employees. Advisers will do much to assist in these and other very important matters regarding the ACA and small to medium business equity management.

Who Is Online Darius Fisher?

Innovation 50 is a list of the most top rising stars in the world of digital communications and PR, and one of the top stars in this industry is ultimately Darius Fisher, known for his incredible work in the world of online reputation management. He has explained this opportunity or be a part of this amazing group is overwhelming but something he is not entirely surprised by considering the growth and change he has made in this field.

Darius is the owner of Status Labs, which is an online company that operates with the goal to help businesses and public figures with crisis management and their business. He can help polish any online search result, and he has been doing so for so many years helping out more than 1,500+ clients in over 35 countries. His entire team works with a full course of different businesses and public figures, and they all trust this guy to help get their brand out there while maintaining their brand name.

He says that his experience with dealing with horrible reviews or disrespect in the past has helped him become the businessman that he is today. He enjoys helping a business find their edge, develop their name, and attain true growth online despite having a reputation become damaged online.

His Incredible Team

He has explained that his amazingly impressive marketing team is what has helped him stay a step above the rest. The truth about the world of marketing and reputation management is that it can be tough to maintain thousands of clients and their businesses. Darius Fisher and his team all come together to bring about their biggest marketing tactics to help maintain the reputations of countless businesses. Each team member comes together to help market, protect, and care for every business out there and their reputation.

Status Labs has been in this business for countless years. They have worked hard over the years to help build a strong understanding of how businesses grow. Their understanding on how the whole Internet works is what helps separate them from the rest of the world. They also have some unique marketers who truly know how to build good reputations. Darius Fisher is the PR specialist to trust considering he knows the entire process of this industry, and he can help solve any issue you may have your clientele. They will work hard with every client to help them get back on track and become a better business.

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