Golden Attorneys of Florida: Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is not only a kind hearted injury attorney but the man who decided to do something useful with the puns sign. Commonly known as a hashtag among today’s generation, it was created so clients can easily get a hold of one Mr.Newlin. A man implementing the newest trends in technology was once living ever child dream in being both a police officer and a fire man back in Chicago. With his home base in sunny Orlando Florida, Dan has decided to open another office back home where his journey for justice began.

Both offices specialize in accident and injury cases, including but not limited to nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, auto accidents and even wrongful death. Dan Newlin has fought bravely for his clients with integrity. His office advertise that a client does not have to pay anything unless they can win your case. Something that everyone who could use a little help need to hear.

Back in 2012 Dan teamed up with a former undisputed world champion Evander Holyfield, in the Dan Newlin miracle project and took 7 kid fighting cancer to meet the champ. Dan Newlin in always speaking new ways of getting involved in charities and hospitals. Now in days it is hard to come by a lawyer who truly cares about his community. Dan has made great strides in his careers and has become one of the top rated attorneys serving Orlando and Chicago.

Even though mr.Newlin is kind to those in need, he is tough on getting justice for those who seek his help. The journey in his highly respected career started at 18 when a young Dan Newlin started working as an emergency medical technician in New Chicago, Indiana. Having only served his career for six months before he decided to become a police officer, well working full time he hit the books at night to eventually attain his bachelors degree in business management. Not long after he would attend Florida State law school where the Achievement of getting his law degree would start off his career in serving the people. Sense then he has strived to serve his clients and get involved in charities.

Clients can either hashtag him over phone or contact him through his website. Dan Newman has made it possible for help to be received easily. Daniel J Newlin is passionate about his work and in reaching out to those in need, not just those who need him as an attorney but to those who need a hand in life.

To the people who are in the Chicago or Orlando Florida area who feel they may need the help of mr.Newlin please contact him through the website provided.