Overwhelmed with physical or emotional hurt? You may need a compassionate individual who will listen, personally absorb your problem and act with great legal skill to help heal your hurt. You may need Dan Newlin. His resume reflects legal expertise as a trial lawyer in Florida, and his reputation for caring is well known.

Headlines have carried Newlin’s name when jury decisions have awarded millions of dollars to a teen paralyzed by a stray gang bullet and to the family of a slain police officer. Individuals and families have felt his hand of concern in their moments of crisis, and young cancer patients have found hope in his special programs. His sharp legal expertise has brought closure, monetary help, and lawful justice for many clients. With a staff of 75 legal experts in offices in Orlando and in Chicago, he has a commitment to practice a special kind of law which reflects his concern and caring.

His bio reflects a history of helping people who have met challenges in life through no fault of their own. As a young lad just out of high school, he joined a fire department in New Chicago, Ind., and also worked with a medical emergency team. He soon moved to Orlando with a job as Deputy Sheriff in Orange County, Florida. He worked here thru college and Florida State University College of Law. It has been his concern for people that has motivated his rapid growing practice, and he is constantly seeking ways to help adults and children climb their mountains. Recently, he brought young cancer patients together with a boxing hero who had also met many challenges. Newlin saw the hero’s courage, and he hoped it would charge an atmosphere of hope and determination for these young victims. This sensitivity to human need radiates from Dan Newlin and staff. It is this intensity that communicates to a jury when Newlin asks for a verdict. It’s an electric charge that cannot be seen, but it lights the courtroom!

However, Dan Newlin doesn’t push a button to turn his light on. It’s a part of who he is, the fabric of his character. His list of areas of practice includes all kinds of accidents, wrongful death, medical and pharmaceutical malpractice, birth injuries, nursing home maltreatment, and insufficient security. The list almost says, “If it hurt you, maybe I can help ease the pain.”

Newlin has carefully chosen a staff that shares his motivation. Clients develop trust and confidence in those who work in the law firm of Dan Newlin. They find comfort, respect, friendliness, and emotional support. They become part of a family that needs help. A jury may award a sensational amount of cash in a verdict, but Dan Newlin & Partners will give something more valuable to help in healing. Friends who care are treasures.